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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Cameron's Birthday

My grandson's birthday was last week but he was home in Brownwood so we had another birthday party here.  Steve and Helen took Cameron and Morgan ice skating as a birthday surprise.  Cameron was born on the east coast where it gets cold but didn't live there long and Morgan has never been where it is really cold so ice skating was a novelty.  Helen grew up near Baltimore so she has lots of skating experience.  I'm not really sure where Steve learned to skate as he has lived where it is warm most of his life too but he definitely knows how to skate.  I think he's just a natural athlete.  And Cameron is just like his Daddy.

Morgan, however, is more like her grandmother.  Sometimes we are just coordination challenged.  But she was game to try and had a good time too.

I made spaghetti carabonara for dinner and we had a chocolate birthday cake.  I think it was a good birthday for an 8 year old.

It was a fun day and now on to Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Birthday Cameron. I especially like your birthday card but that chocolate cake sure does look good.

  2. Great card! Sounds like you all had a fun celebration.


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