The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Round Top, Texas

We visited Round Top yesterday and had to return today to spend more time because there was a lot to see.  The town was chartered in 1870 and was said to have gotten it's name from "the house with the round top" which was an early stagecoach mileage designation located about a mile northeast of the town's current site.  The first settlers were Ango-American plantation owners who arrived as early as 1826 and were followed by german immigrants in the late 1840s.  The original 1880s courthouse in Round Top burned down in 1924 and was rebuilt in it's current location.

Our first stop was to the Visitor's Center located right on the highway.

It was definitely a worthwhile visit as we met Dwight, the city secretary who went out of his way to tell us all about what was to be seen.  Although we saw the outside of the Festival Institute, he was responsible for sending us back to see the inside, the church, the Menke House, and the grounds.

He gave us directions to the town library which is housed in an old church, very unique and interesting.  They also have a lovely garden out front.

He told us about the town square.  A large number of original old cabins and houses have been moved to the square and many now house small shops while preserving the original structures.

These two cabins are still being worked on.

This is Royer Pie Haven.  They are famous and ship pies across the country.  They also have a project called "Desert Pie" where they send pies to military members in Afghanistan.  Check out their website Operation: Desert Pie.  I had strawberry rhubarb and Birdie had chess.  We also picked up a couple of scones for breakfast.  All were delicious.

We had a guest while we were sitting on the porch having our pie and coffee.  He loved pie crust.

The Copper Shade Tree had beautiful American made crafts.  They also had an exhibit of quilts made by men as you can see in the sign.  The wind sculptures surrounding their building were really neat.

This church was also still in the restoration process while we were there.

This is Royers Cafe.  Contrary to the outside appearance, they serve gourmet food at gourmet prices but people come for miles to eat here Thursday through Sunday.

This shop was called The Apothicary Shop but was a neat gift shop.

These pink flamingos were really cute but we resisted!

We had lunch at this Mexican restaurant and it was both fantastic and reasonably priced.  The "singer" in front was carved from wood.

This area is called Bybee Square with more shops off a neat little courtyard.

We all thought this shop had a wonderful name.

Right next store was Crazy Emma's.

And Cowgirl Junky's.

Tomorrow we head to Brenham for more fun.


  1. What a great place you found. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Great post Collene! Love the 'church' library!


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