The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Poinsettia Celebration in Brenham

Today we went to a Poinsettia Celebration at Ellison Greenhouse in Brenham, Tx.  This was actually their 21st Poinsettia Celebration.  It was interesting.  They charged a small fee to raise funds for a group.  There were also other vendors with items for sale with some of them also getting donations for a charity.

 A butterfly Christmas tree!

This tree was all real poinsettias stacked up.

Look who is checking out the winery booth.

Another Christmas display.

They had every kind of poinsettia you could think of for sale or just for viewing.

They also had the largest poinsettias in Texas which were six feet tall.  They were all sold and we arrived early.

I've never seen a poinsettia with varigated leaves or where the same leaf was half one color and half another color.

They had lots of other plants and flowers as well.

You'll never guess what this elf was doing.

The Pink Flamingos--(l to r)--Joella, Margarita, Karen, Sue, me, Mary Jane, Pat, Birdie, Carolyn, Diana, Shirley, and Darlene with Martha next to Santa.  A fun group having a fun time.

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