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The Longdogs
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Another Birthday, another great day!

Today is Steve's birthday.  Since he has been in San Antonio for a few weeks, Helen flew in on Saturday to help celebrate.  While I was out at Potter's Creek, they were hitting the mall and their favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory.  Today we headed down to the San Antonio Riverwalk to see a few of the sites.  When we started out, it was warm and projected to hit 80 degrees but it was overcast.  Sunday's are a great day to hit the downtown area because you can often find parking without resorting to the parking lots which have gotten a lot more expensive over the last few years.  We parked about three blocks away and walked down past the Alamo to the Hyatt Hotel which has a nice walkway down through the hotel to the Riverwalk.  There are lots of plants and water features.

For all of you sitting in the frozen north, we have flowers blooming along the Riverwalk!  And outside tables at the restaurants.  I love this kind of winter.
 I had to take a photos when I spotted this unique flag draped building.  I haven't seen this before.

There are still twinkling lights in the trees and I also spotted this Christmas wreath which one of several decorating another building.  The red "balls" are cactus buds.
 We stopped to have a margarita along the river bank.  By now, Helen had to take her long sleeve top off and she is usually cold.
 Across from us, some diners were being serenaded.  It sounds much better across the river than when they are doing it right next to you as the horns can be a little loud, at least for me.
 These trees have lost their leaves for winter but otherwise, you would never know it is January.
 Later on at home, we cooked some steaks and had birthday cake.  It was great having Steve here for his birthday and even better that Helen was able to be here too.
Hope you have many more happy birthdays and a long happy healthy life ahead of you!


  1. Happy Birthday to Steve! That looks like a great place to spend the day, and you had such beautiful weather. :)

  2. Love the pictures of the River Walk. Many years ago we were in San Antonio for our son's graduation from Air Force basic training. We enjoyed the town but didn't have a long enough visit. The river walk was one of my favorite places. Happy birthday to Steve.

  3. Ahhhh, you made me hungry for some Casa Rio! :) Happy birthday to your son. Glad you guys had a great time. Used to live in San Antonio - flags new to me too. Thanks for sharing. Great pics!

  4. I want to go there some day. Beautiful. HB Steve.


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