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The Longdogs
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San Antonio RV Show

Sunday morning two RVing friends and I met another RVing friend at the Joe Freeman Coliseum for the San Antonio RV Show.  We had coupons for $2 off the $10 admission price but found out at the last minute that anyone belonging to an RV club could get in for $7 on Sunday.  Sounding good right?  Just as we were coming up to the ticket kiosk, a man stopped us and said he had three free passes he hadn't used this week.  We shared amongst the 4 of us by each chipping in enough to come up with the $7 for one ticket.  And we payed it forward by giving our $2 off coupons to some people in line behind us.  Everyone was feeling real good about then.  If you've never tried "paying a favor forward", do it because it feels real nice.

We headed inside to look at all the RVs.  Sorry, no pictures this time.  One of us was seriously looking and the rest of us were just checking for new things to do in our current RVs.  Between us we currently have a crank up hardsided camper, a 5th wheel (me), a class c, and the final member of the group actually has 3 rigs right now--all 3 travel trailers (two restored and an Avion which she just got to restore).  As you can guess, she is very handy and does great work.  Anyway, we all know just a little bit about RVs.  It's always interesting when one or all of us look at RVs.  Most sales people start talking down and assuming the ladies know nothing.  It becomes especially irritating when the sales person knows little about his own product.  Smart sales people know there are a lot of women RVers out there and a lot of them don't travel with a man.

Anyway, we saw lots of RVs.  What we didn't see was RV products and supplies of any kind.  I think that was a really big mistake as not everyone goes to buy a new RV.  They want to see what is new that they can use with their existing RV.  That was very disappointing.  This year the RV show split off from the Boat and RV Show.  It was actually a show put on by 4 RV dealers.

Oh, well.  One of our group found an RV she was interested in so there was a bit of fact finding and negotiating.  You'll have to stay tuned to find out what happened next.


  1. I would have wanted to see RV supplies and new things I could buy for my RV. That would have really been disappointing.

  2. I guess they just wanted to sell the RV's, more money and not so fiddling with small stuff.

    Good for you ladies for hanging in there. I so dislike salesmen who talk down to you and especially don't know the product they are selling.

  3. I just love the feeling of paying it forward. Have you ever been in a fast food line? Check out the car behind you. If they have kids or look to be a a frazzled busy person or in need of a little "gift" ask the window gal what their total is and pay it!

    And then drive way, never to see them again!!!! LOL

    Karen and Steve
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