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The Longdogs
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Little Known and Interesting Facts about Texas

For those of you visiting Texas or planning to visit, here are a few interesting facts to ponder:
  • The distance from Beaumont (east side) to El Paso (west side):   742 miles
  • The distance from Beaumont to Chicago:   770 miles
  • El Paso is closer to California than to Dallas
  • King Ranch located in South Texas is larger than Rhode Island.
Gives you a better idea of just how big this state is.  There are pine forests in the east and dry desert in the west.  The Rio Grande valley in the south is semi-tropical but the panhandle has definite winter weather with snow.  You can find anything from alligators to buffalo in Texas as well as long horn cattle and many other breeds.  Most things in Texas are big but not the deer!

We have something for just about everyone and you can pick your climate.  There are big sophisticated cities, western towns, beach towns, and small towns.  There are beaches on the ocean or on lakes. We have mountains and plains.

You'll see cowboys, city slickers, fishermen, and RVers--lots of RVers.  We call them Winter Texans instead of Snowbirds because they are very welcome here.  Come and visit.


  1. Our son married a gal from Texas. Another son graduated from Air Force Basic training in San Antonio, Texas, and we were able to fly down and enjoy that. I spent some time in El Paso back in my advanced training days in the Army about 1964. So, does that make us eligible to come to Texas anytime we can? Now that I'm retired, we just might try to do that sometime. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderfl 2012.

  2. Texas is BIG...has to be to hold all those people with great hearts!

  3. I KNOW!! Last year took me like 5 days to cross on I-10 with a detour to San Antonio to visit relatives. Neat stats!! Just found your blog, 3 Dachsunds! Don't you go crazy at times? I do with one case of the stubborns!!!

  4. Hi there! I am so inspired by the women who have retired and are living the RV dream. I'm just gearing up to go down that road, so to speak, and can't wait to join you one day. Love the pups - mine are a bit larger, not Dachsunds, but my babies just the same (+ a cat). BTW, I'm Texas bred, born and raised. Love the trivia. ;) Happy trails!


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