The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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It was a Pretzel Kind of Day

Morgan got a kit for making pretzels for Christmas.  Time flies when the kids are with their Dad so Steve decided that this would be a pretzel making day.  First, Morgan got to open one of her upcoming birthday presents.

Grandma got her an apron of her own since she really likes baking.  Steve's wife Helen always plans some baking when the kids get to come and visit.  She has the patience of a saint when she tackles this.  You can see Lasagna making in a post from this summer.

This is one happy baker ready to get started on the pretzels.

Dad is armed with instructions, ingredients, and lots of help from Morgan.  Grandma wisely stayed out of the way.

I have to admit that I looked at the directions as the work went on.  The directions were ridiculous.  They were written in four completely separate parts with other info in between so that it made them difficult to follow.  On top of that, the ingredients were not provided in the amounts you actually needed so it kept looking like you left something out.  But Dad and daughter persevered.

Checking things out one more time just to make sure.

Here is the happy baker after the whole process was completed.  As her Dad said, the yeast didn't bubble like they said it would, so the dough didn't rise like it should have.  Morgan didn't care, she had fun doing it and nobody's teeth or stomach were harmed in the eating of them.

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