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The Longdogs
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Morgan's Roller Skating Party

Morgan's 6th birthday party is next weekend but we are celebrating early.  I'm sure she'll have another party back in Brownwood too.  In November, Steve and Helen took the kids ice skating for Cameron's birthday.  This time we are giving roller skating a whirl.  Grandma had to stay out of the mix to act as photographer. :)

And here are the prospective skaters!

The birthday girl gives the rink a whirl.

And she loved it but needed a little more experience.  I've never seen these before but somebody made a mint with them.  $5 an hour for a few pieces of PVC pipe and three wheels built into a wedge shape.  Everyone from little kids to adults were using them to learn how to skate.

The two natural athletes on their first go round.

And a few minutes later.....

Also have a couple of videos of the big event. Here are the intrepid three out for a whirl.

Morgan skates up a storm.

And finally, Cameron's big race event.  They had a lot of special skates and when they called out a race for boys 6-12, Cameron surprised us all by heading right out to compete.

They all had a really great time.  Steve hadn't been on skates since he was 14 and he was whizzing around backwards.  The kids both did well and had fun.  They said they think they like roller skating better than ice skating.


  1. What fun for a birthday party. You did really good grandma, taking photos. They are great. Loved the skate helper...maybe we should try that!

  2. Smart Gramma, staying behind the camera....

    Just got all these new post puter or internet must be wacko!


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