The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

RV Visiting

This afternoon turned out to be a great afternoon to visit a couple of my RVing friends out at Potter's Creek.  They had a couple of errands to run so we arranged to meet about 1:00PM.  All three of my dachsies headed out the back door to play while I was getting ready to go.  Willy came in first while Harley and Gretchen were still occupied with the squirrels so that made my decision about who was going to go visiting with me real easy.  Grabbed Willy's leash and headed out the door with him hot on my heels.  All of my dogs are always ready to go anywhere.  We had to make a quick stop at HEB for salad fixings for lunch so Willy waited for me in the car.  I don't know if he has ever done that before but he was real good.  I opened the sun roof and he was happily looking out the windows when I returned.  Of course, there is now some "nose art" on the windows but that is not a big deal.  When I rolled up at the gatehouse, I told them I was on my way in to visit Birdie and Liz and gave their site numbers.  The woman said she wasn't sure if they were home but I told her that they were either right ahead of me or right behind me.  Since she recognized me, she didn't have a problem with that.  I figured that if they were right ahead of me, she should have known that so I decided to take a quick turn around a couple of the other loops to check them out.

 Lots of visitors here and here.  In fact, not too many open sites even though it is the middle of January.  Some of the people are here for longer periods of time in the winter but some of them are just weekenders.
 Pretty sure these people are just weekenders but there were actually a number of sites occupied by tents.
 Now, if you are member of the WomenRV forum, you will recognize this vehicle the "Silver Lining".  In fact, the picture on the forum was taken here at Potter's Creek in the site I occupied a couple of months ago.  Bandit's outdoor pavilion is right out front. Two of the sides are screen so Bandit the cat has a great view of everything going on around him.
 Right next door is Birdie's "Bunkie".  You can see Willy and Simba lapping up attention.  They did have a good time together.  Liz gave them each a "greeny" which Willy (being a dachshund) promptly inhaled.  Simba is still learning the tricks so he was trying to bury it in the gravel around the table.  He notices Willy eyeing him and decided to move it out beyond Willy's reach.  Smart kid--he's learning already.
 We had a great lunch, salad and barbequed chicken sandwiches, out at the picnic table.  Then there were a few chores to do.  Birdie is in the process of doing a bit of reorganizing.  You'll hear more about that in a few days.  We were looking at a vent that might need to be removed and Liz popped right up there saying "I can do that".  She got all the screws out and all the goop around it cleared away but it just wouldn't budge.  Then Birdie remembered that the installer might have put some purple stuff around the vent before he put the cover on.  Glued!  So Liz patiently put it all back together again.  Birdie and I were busy reorganizing bins but I took the picture of Liz because that was much more interesting.
 Here is Birdie back playing with the dogs.  She needs one, she just doesn't know it yet. lol.
 She was going to hook up the hitch on Herbie but once again, we caught her playing with the dogs.
 You can tell they love her too and she did eventually get the hitch back on.  See that 5th wheel in the background?  That is where the WomenRV's photo of the Silver Lining was taken long before I got to meet Liz.
It was beginning to get dark so it was time for me to head back into town while I could still see the deer meandering across the road.  Wish I was out here in my RV too but I am really enjoying having my oldest son around for a while so wouldn't want to miss a minute of that either.

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