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The Longdogs
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Awards for the Grandkids

Two of our grandchildren were scheduled to come and visit over the Martin Luther King 3 day weekend beginning on Friday.  Their dad is here in Texas to spend time with them.  Late Wednesday afternoon, Steve found out that both kids were going to have awards presented on Thursday morning.  It's a four hour drive so Steve and his Dad left at 4:30 AM to make sure they would be in place at 0900.  The kids didn't know he was coming so it would be a big surprise.

Morgan received an award for perfect attendance.  Unfortunately, they presented awards to kindergarteners in place and did not have them turn around.

Cameron's second grade class received their awards at 0930.  Cameron is the beaming angel who just recognized his Dad (near the center of the picture).

Here he is after his name is called to go upfront.

Cameron is the second child on the right.  He received an award for achieving all A's and B's on his report card.

Here he is smiling at his Dad on his way back to his seat.  The kids were both thrilled to see their Dad at the school and Steve was very happy he was able to be there for this event.

He also received an award for being a Second Grade Star student.

Later in the afternoon, Dad and Grandpa got to trail along with Morgan's class as they visited a Kid's Fair on a school trip.  The two Dads spent the night in a motel and were able to pick up the kids before lunch to bring them back to San Antonio.  I had a doctor's appointment on Friday morning so I missed all the fun.

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  1. How wonderful for the kids that Steve was there.


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