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The Longdogs
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A Birthday Skating Celebration

Well, Cameron did not choose the San Antonio Zoo.  And he did not choose roller skating.  So it was off to the indoor ice skating rink for us.  Now I used to be a pretty good ice skater when I was young and, I could probably have managed on my own just fine.  But skating with Morgan just wasn't an option as we would both have been down in seconds.  This is only the second time on the ice for both of the kids.  Last time Helen was also here so she worked with Morgan.  But Steve was optimistic that he could manage to spend time skating with both kids without any problem.  Getting the skates on was the first challenge.

Morgan was just as excited about skating as Cameron.

Dad helps Cameron get his "sea legs".

A short video of Cameron "gliding" around the rink.

 Dad and Morgan take a turn.....

Grand finale......

Cameron whizzes around on his own.  Sorry the pictures are not great but there was glass around the rink.

After the ice skating was over, we went over to the bookstore for refreshments and then home.  All the  "boys" were relaxing on the couch.

Then Grandpa came home and it was time for birthday cake.

And scary faces....

And some time later, it was time for the final event of the "big" day, a sleepover in the living room complete with sheet tent.  Poor Dad slept, or at least tried to sleep, on the couch right next to Cameron and Morgan's "tent".

It was a big day for everyone.  Hard to believe our Cameron will be nine years old this weekend.  Happy Birthday Cam!


  1. Looks like a grand time with the grands. . .that's such a great age. . .

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  2. Looks like Cameron had the best birthday ever. Weekend looks like it was a blast.

  3. Cameron does not look too sure about his activity decision while getting his sea legs!!


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