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The Longdogs
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Happy Birthday Cameron

The grandkids came to San Antonio for the weekend to be with their Dad so that means we get to see them too.  Next weekend is Cameron's 9th birthday so we moved the first celebration of the big day up one week.  Did I mention that Steve is multi-talented?  He and Morgan baked the birthday cake and then Steve frosted it.

We wanted to open presents early but time slipped away and Grandpa had to go in to his "job" at the civic center so on with the opening.  There were cards.....

And there was some "birthday money".....

And a little discussion of what the birthday money might be used for....

And then there were presents.....

A soccer ball for San Antonio....right now the kids have toys at their Mom's, their Dad's in Florida, and Grandma and Grandpa's in San Antonio.

And the latest in Kung Foo Panda movies.....

Oh, this looks good.

Happy face.....

What are we going to build with this?

Cameron got his choice of dinner:    pizza, hamburgers, or steak.    Cameron chose Dad's world famous steak.   And then he got to choose the day's activity too:  San Antonio Zoo, roller skating, or ice skating.  You'll have to wait to find out his choice there.

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  1. Happy Birthday Cameron. I'm glad you picked the steak. Sure sounds good to me.


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