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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Saturday at Wimberly's Market Days and Pink FlaminGoes Bingo

We were up early and on the road to Wimberly Market Days at 0800 on Saturday morning.  At least most of us were.  Some chose to sleep in and wait until about 10:00 to head out (he he, they apparently didn't believe us when we warned them of how heavy the traffic would get in Wimberly.)  A few chose to just relax for the morning right there at Potter's Creek.  Whatever anyone wants to do is okay with the Pink FlaminGoes.  Here is Liz prepared to look for her latest haul.  She is an astute shopper and has the extremely well decorated RV to prove it.

Some come well prepared to take home their goodies.  The shopping area is large and there are oh so many booths to ooh and ah over.

I think Margareta has her eye on something here.  Christmas items were plentiful.

There were already a lot of people on site when we arrived.

Need a unique bird feeder?

I had some trouble with my camera so that is all I got at the Market Days.  Back at the campground, the group prepared for Pink FlaminGoes Bingo.  In our version of Bingo, everyone wins because once someone wins a prize, they continue to play and pass their next win on to someone else.  Makes it extra fun for all.

Got a few pictures of prizes.  Chris snagged a lovely handmade (by Sharon G) scarf.

I can't remember what Karen won but she seemed pretty pleased with it.

Sharon won a lovely pair of Pink Flamingo mugs.

 Pat is our wonderful Bingo lady who always brings all her Bingo equipment along.  I'm not sure if Maggie was showing her a dance step or stepping on a yellow jacket.

Maggie won her very first Pink Flamingo decorations.

Dawn was very happy with her "Today is Day One" prize.

Sharon G won a hat and scarf which she later traded to Ann (Dawn's Mom) for a tool set since she is getting ready to fix up her own RV.

 Darlene carried off a Pink Flamingo banner.

Kim will be soaking in lots of orange and tangerine bubbles.

Birdie is all ready for Thanksgiving with towels and oven mitts.

Can't remember what Sue won but she seems happy with her pick.

Margareta will be hanging a Welcome to Paradise plaque near her RV.

Martha scored some great tablecloths for her future adventures.

Carolyn carried off a coffee cup and soup mug.

Will this fun never end?   On to our next Potluck Dinner and it is a special one complete with Dutch Oven cooking.


  1. Wonderful...looks like fun..
    what does the pink flamingo mean?
    I have a flamingo as a mascot my
    GD gave me beanie baby flamingo
    the first year I came to FL..
    She rides on the dash ...

    1. Our group is called the Pink FlaminGoes because we love to go in our RVs.

  2. I probably would have been one of those that skipped the market days unless they had fresh fruits and vegetables. :)

    1. And that would have been okay with the group although it was fun to go to the market. Didn't see any fruits and vegetables there.


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