The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Pot Lucks and Dutch Oven Cooking

Before we got to the Potluck and the Dutch Oven cooking, we took our GTG picture.  We just did a combined group of Pink FlaminGoes and Women RV forum members since quite a few women belong to both groups and we were a combined gathering anyway.  From top left to right - Birdie (Nancy) and Colleen (Longdog2)   Middle row - Maggie (Sandersmr), Martha (Acadianmom), Karen, Judy (JudyJB), Chris (Redwahine), SharonM, Gloria (gklb), Pat, Liz, Carolyn (cpatinjones), Darlene, KarenW, Margareta, Ann (Dawn's mom)   Front row - Sharon (Sprinter), Dawn, Kim

We had 26 women who attended for at least one day, 20 RVs, and 3 gents. For those that arrived later, Susan came for the day on Wednesday.  For those who had to leave Sunday, Vicki (Yakn) arrived on Sunday afternoon and Diana (Mtngal) arrived Monday. Good park, good weather, good fun, good food, and no "attitudes"...what else can one ask for? And very special thanks to Dawn for making the lovely pink earrings for all the ladies and to Maggie for the awesome Dutch Oven cooking lessons.

Sharon (Sprinter) waiting for dinner.

 Maggie gives us a quick peek at the peach and pineapple cobbler on the right.  The stew is on the bottom left with a pot of cornbread on top.

Sharon watches as Maggie checks the coals.  This girl is an expert and she makes it all look so easy and fun.  She starts her charcoal in the tall canister under the cooking table.  Extra coals are in the round pan and the silver can with the lid is for ashes.

Maggie stirs the stew.

Everyone is filling their plates.  We had lots of extras but I think Maggie made enough to feed everyone anyway.  MaryJane is coming at a run on the right.

Liz and Sue are in semi-serious conversation over something.  Liz is all decked out.

Another great potluck winds down with everyone relaxing together until long after dark.


  1. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. LOVE that dutch oven cooking. What a great gathering.

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    1. Maggie did a great job on the Dutch Oven cooking. She made it look so easy and fun.


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