The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Tuesday's Travels

Yesterday I met my friend Susan up at Camping World.  She has to have some more work done on her RV and, at Camping World, that usually means at least a couple of days stay.  On the upside, they plug her 5th wheel in and she is able to stay in it.  That's key if you are a full-timer.  After a relaxing breakfast at IHOP, we set out to find something to do for a few hours.  We made a quick stop at Naegelin's Bakery to pick up a few things Susan wanted for her freezer.  Naegelin's is the oldest Bakery in Texas - 144 year's old this year.  It specializes in German bakery items but they have almost everything you can think of, at least on a weekday morning.  One of the things you should pay attention to if you visit New Braunfel's is the murals on the walls of buildings in the downtown area.  They are very interesting and give a great history lesson when you check them out.  Each one is different and this one was on the building on one side of Naegelin's parking lot.

We decided we would go to Gruene and walk around since Angel, Susan's little dog, was with us.  But  then we saw a sign for the Schlitterbaun Christmas Shoppe and decided to check it out.  Angel was happy to wait for us in the truck since the weather was nice and cool.
 Some of the parking right in front of the Shoppe is reserved for reindeer :).

We walked through the main shoppe out to the patio area first.  It's a courtyard surrounded by small shops and boutiques.  Nice things but a bit expensive.

Each building is unique.  We had the place to ourselves out here.

We also looked through the main shoppe.  They have every Christmas decoration you can think of and lots of decorating ideas.  Of course, RVers really don't need much to decorate their smaller castles do they?

Next we were off to Gruene.  Susan had not been there and I just figured it would be a nice place to walk around.  Angel could also walk around with us.  This Bed and Breakfast is right across from the big parking lot set behind the buildings.  It was cool out but not bad at all walking around.  By cool, I mean mid 60s, not exactly northern winter weather but cool for us.

I didn't take a lot of pictures but we stopped and went in to quite a few stores.  Angel was so good while I waited outside with her that she usually got invited inside as long as there was no food being served.   Winter in central Texas means you still have flowers blooming.  Isn't this pretty?

We stopped at the local coffee shop and Susan wanted to see the Pickle Store next door.  A whole store, just pickles.  The main store is in Boerne and this is the only other place you can get these pickles.

On that note, we made a quick stop at PetSmart and then back to Camping World as it was about 4:30PM.  Guess what?  They were still just chasing down parts for the work.  Susan definitely has more patience than I do.


  1. I love the Gingerbread looking house. They all were very pretty but that one stood out. Angel is just adorable, I can see why the owners would let her in, I would too :) I hope her parts get there soon, but at least she can stay in her trailer. I know where we bought ours they said we could stay there anytime we have work done.

  2. We had so much fun in Gruene. The Harley Dealer (New Brunsfel) was having a photo shoot when we were there. They were putting him on the cover of a motorcycle mag. Gorgeous bike. It was sunny but cold when we were there. But it's still a neat place.

  3. Loved all the little stores and their decorations. Next time we are in your neck of the woods, I want to go there and explore

  4. Thanks for the shout out and pup sitting while I went in the stores. We sure enjoyed the day. They finished the repairs on Wednesday by "double teaming" on the repairs. All the parts were in stock. I stayed that night too and left in morning after shopping for groceries and ice for the BW tank to help clean it.

  5. What a great Christmas place. Glad you made the PetSmart stop too:)


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