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The Longdogs
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Weekend Visit with Friends

This weekend I left early and headed up to Bandera, TX to spend some time with some RV sistahs.  My friend Birdie told me to bring my PJs along and spend the night so that's just what I did.  Our friend Sharon is going through some very difficult health issues right now and we are just trying to provide some moral support.  Birdie and another RV friend are staying at the same park with Sharon.  I also got to meet Debbie, another nurse friend of Sharon's, who is also a big part of the support group.

Lunch on Saturday was a group effort with everyone bringing things to the group table.  Friends, old and new, gathered together for each other.  Two other RV friends have also been there to stay at different times.

Birdie and I took a walk while Sharon was napping.  Of course, only Birdie knows what this little bird singing his heart out was because I certainly don't remember.  In the evening, we all gathered at Shirley's site around a fire in a little chiminea that Debbie's son brought over for the sistah's to use.

Sharon doesn't usually have much appetite so when she wanted seafood on Sunday, we were happy to oblige and took her into San Antonio to Joe's Crab Shack.  She was a happy woman.

Shirley and Debbie with various shrimp dishes and Sharon with her bucket of crab.  She cleaned it up too.

Sharon always has a smile on her face and hugs for everyone.  Birdie's lobster took a little more effort just like Sharon's crab.

Friends should be there for each other and Sharon has a lot of friends praying for her.


  1. Hey, I recognize that 'Rails of Anahuac' tee shirt! :)

    1. Ah, yes. You and my friend Birdie should meet. You would have sooooo much in common.


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