The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Escape from Brownwood, the Kids Are Coming

Saturday morning we hit the highway again headed towards Brownwood Tx to pick up the grandkids for six weeks.  This time we didn't have to leave until just before 0800.  We made a quick stop on the way hoping to have Steve's 2013 Tundra truck inspected for Texas since he has Texas plates but this is the first time the truck has been in the state.  They didn't like the film he has on the headlights to protect them so we moved right on.  Halfway to Brownwood, we made a stop at the Starbucks in Marble Falls to get some caffeine.  The GPS decided not to work which doesn't make a difference as far as the trip since we know the road well but it really helps to find our way to the kids' mother's house once we get there.  We managed to get Helen on the phone and she gave me the appropriate turns on the backroads from mapquest so we arrived a bit early and killed about 15 minutes before we picked them up at noon.  Naturally they hadn't had lunch so we drove until we got to the Texas Stop Sign (Dairy Queen) in San Saba.  Did you know that San Saba is the Pecan Capitol of the World????

By the time we got to Blanco, we needed gas and everyone was ready for a stretch so we stopped at the Courthouse where they were having a little market day.

Most small towns in Texas have really great courthouses and Brownwood is no exception.

We checked the booths as we walked around the courthouse square.  Interesting but nothing we couldn't live without and we really just needed the break from the road.

I think most of the booths were about ready to call it a day anyway.

Back home in San Antonio in time to hit another inspection place for a sticker.  This place paid no attention to the film on the headlights but they were concerned about the tint strip across the top of the tall in no way comes anywhere close to obstructing your view but there is an imaginary line that they are supposed to follow so Steve borrowed a razor blade and scraped it off. Another quick stop at Silver's Feed Store to pick up the special allergy food for the longdogs.  We were five minutes after closing but they opened up for us as the register hadn't been closed out yet. Lucky longdogs as the cupboard was bare.  Then home in time to fix dinner....not too hard since I put a crockpot full of boneless barbeque ribs on before we left.


  1. Wow, grandkids for SIX weeks? Have fun! :-)

  2. Now that was a fast trip but you have lots of time now to relax. What kind of food are you feeding the doxies?


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