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The Longdogs
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The Bussey Armadillo

Our days have been much the same lately, nothing exciting, but pleasant enough.  Steve and the grandkids often take off to the park right after breakfast to take advantage of the cooler weather (mid 80s) before the heat of the afternoon hits (100s all this week).  One morning Steve and Dave installed electrical hookups on the RAV so it could legally haul a small trailer.  Dave doesn't move easily until later in the morning so it ended up being a rather hot install.  Lunch is next in order.  Steve and the grandkids are always ready to eat, lol.  Sometimes swimming is on the agenda for the afternoon.  Our neighbors have a very large above ground pool which they have invited us to use whenever we like.....the kids definitely "like" often.  We are also still putting away things at Steve and Helen's new house so that occupies an hour or two or three each day.  The kids have their own rooms which are already set up and have turned their walk-in closets into clubhouses so they have plenty to keep them busy while Steve and I work away.

On this particular Saturday, we decided to make a trip to Bussey's Flea Market for a walk around.  The kids like the giant armadillo out front. was hot.  We didn't get there until about 1:30 and some of the vendors were beginning to pack up because of the heat and smaller crowds.

We spent an hour or so browsing but the only thing we ended up buying was a phone accessories kit for Steve's new phone.

Speaking of phones, for those of you looking at getting a new Iphone, let me tell you about Steve's experience with Verizon last week.  We stopped at Verizon because he was having a lot of trouble with his existing flip phone shutting off.  Yes, even though we all like new techie things, we all still have flip phones.  He was pretty sure he wanted an Iphone this time as he likes the way his Ipod works and they would be very similar.  He decided that he didn't really want the newest Iphone 5 because he just didn't need it but the Iphone 4S looked really good.  He and the salesperson talked about the functions, how it worked, the camera, etc.  It was $99 so he said he'd like that.  Then the salesman said they had a special deal going where you got $99 worth of accessories so the phone was basically free.  So he said he wanted the black one.  Later that evening when he had already loaded up his contacts and set up a bunch of other things, he realized that it was an Iphone 4 not a 4S.   Hmmm, at no time did the salesman mention the 4 nor was there one on display.  So the next morning, he was there when they opened.  They hemmed and hawed around, the manager finally came over.  They finally decided that they could take the 4 back without a restocking charge (really....since you tried to pull a fast one on the customer) but he wouldn't get the accessories.  So, he went to Best Buy to buy a cover for the 4S and we got the rest of the "assessory kit" new at the flea market for $10.  Watch these cellphone companies....they are definitely sharks.  The "new every two" plan no longer exists....oh, yes....there is a $30 upcharge every time you get a new phone...that is not for the phone, it is just to "add" the phone.

Enough said.....I think it's time for a dip in the pool, maybe lunch first though.  See you later.


  1. We've had the same issues with the Verizon stores. We actually go to Digitel which is a Verizon store but it doesn't belong to the corporate office. They have a lot more leeway to do things than the corporate stores do.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Verizon. I'm a neophyte there.

  3. So cool. My niece and her hubby have a booth at Bussey. He makes several craft items that they sell there.
    Yep it is hope in Texas during the Summer. That is why we are in Missouri this year.

  4. Verizon is as crooked as it gets. Unfortunately, they have the best coverage. The minute I feel comfortable, I'm dumping them. They pulled a fast one on my a couple of years ago; I have not forgotten. They will lose me as a customer when my contract is up.


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