The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Painting the Town Panama Redd

The days are passing by in a blur.  We had to get a couple more pieces of baseboard, paint them up, and then cut and fit them before we finally finished all the baseboards on Saturday.  Helen's a caulking whiz so she handled the final finish work.  They look great.  While she was at work, Steve painted the front porch and I painted all the wrought iron railing.  It seems like we were doing all kinds of other small projects in between too.

Saturday saw us up early (way too early for me) to hold the last garage sale.  Sales weren't exactly brisk but, on the upside, it didn't rain and we did move a number of items.  When noon rolled around, we loaded up the leftovers and dropped them off at Goodwill.  They needed to go and putting them back in the garage would have just been a delaying tactic. 

We made a mad dash to tidy up the whole house in preparation for an open house from 1 to 4 pm.  That turned out to be a fizzle but again, on the upside, it meant that we got a ton of jobs finished up in a hurry.  Guess no one was reading Craigslist.

Saturday night, we were supposed to meet a diverse group of the kids' friends at Patches Pub to celebrate Helen completing her PhD.  It's a fun place close to the beach.  Parking was a little tight but we found a place down the road.  They had a fantastic band, Panama Redd, an acoustic classic rock band based in Panama City, Florida. The band gets its name from Robin Heaths red hair and the fact that she is multiple generation Bay county native. Robin had a powerful voice that was great no matter what she sang.  

If you are in the Panama City Florida area and get a chance to hear Panama Redd, be sure you do.  

Sunday, we finally had a down day to relax.  We hit the spa for a relaxing pedicure.  Then we headed east for "linner", (combination lunch and dinner :) ) at Shan Kishi in Panama City Beach.  It is a Japanese fusion and hibachi restaurant, very good.  Finally we stopped to have some frozen yogurt at Menchies on our way home.  Chocolate banana and dulce de leche were fantastic.  

Fun and great company, what more can you ask for?


  1. How can you pack all that in? In one day I mean. Does you son like the improvements so much that he wants to stay put?

    1. They will miss their friends and their life here with the beautiful white beaches but they will be much closer to my son's kids in Texas. Driving round trip 2000 miles a month to visit for a weekend has gotten really old. Now they will have the kids every other weekend.

  2. What a fun day - enjoy the summer! :-)


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