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The Longdogs
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Summer Day Camp - Courtesy of Bass Pro

Thursday afternoon we headed across San Antonio to take the kids on an outdoor adventure.  It was an outdoor adventure held indoors.  I actually saw an advertisement for Bass Pro's Summer Day Camp for kids on a bill board as I was driving back from Florida earlier in the month.  Events may differ from store to store but here in San Antonio, they offer camp events Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We missed the craft making event but the kids had the opportunity to earn a number of badges.  When they first arrived, they each got a camping lanyard to wear.  Then prior to each badge program, they received a little workbook and a pencil.

A short video narrated by a college student aged host was presented.  They were able to answer questions in the book as they watched the video.

The camp host also asked questions as he talked to the kids.

Some of the badges also required that we do a little scavenger hunt in the hunting/fishing area of the store.

Then, the kids got to participate in the more hands-on action.  First, there was archery.  Cameron had no problems handling the bow.  The target was a little more elusive although he did manage to hit an iron javelina next to the target.  lol.

Morgan was having a little more trouble with pulling back on the arrow hard enough to get a shot off.

No problem.  The instructor was there to help.  She held the bow steady so Morgan could put all her effort into pulling back the bowstring.  No one was harmed in this endeavor and the kids had a great time.

Then it was off to the gun range.  The range is an inflatable structure rigged up for shooting BB guns.  Cameron had a pretty good handle on this activity as this wasn't his first time with a BB gun.

It was Morgan's first time though and after this pose, she got some hands on help from her Dad.

Both of the kids were pretty pleased with their target shots.

After all the camp activities were completed, the kids also got to ride on an unusual carousel.  No horses but lots of animals to ride on.

Last stop was the shooting gallery.  Sorry I didn't get a photo of the target but it was just like a shooting booth at the fair with ducks in rows.  These bows had arrows with bulbs on them to knowck of the target.

Some were more hung out to dry than others after this all afternoon event.

If you have kids or grandkids, check out your local Bass Pro Shop.  The day camps are going on until 7 July.  It was a great free event and the kids had a ball.  Thanks Bass Pro.

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  1. Good for Bass Pro Shops for educating kids and having activities for them. More companies should follow their lead. Good civic citizens.


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