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The Longdogs
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Dinner at Gristmill In Gruene, TX

Late Wednesday afternoon we headed out to Gruene, TX.  It is just on the far edge of New Braunfels so it was a short trip.  We were on our way to have dinner at the Gristmill..  The Gristmill is located real close to the water tower so you can't miss it.  They have been in business since 1977 providing unique Texas-style dining in an 1870's cotton gin overlooking the Guadalupe River.

As you walk through the parklike grounds, you pass the "Company Store" which sells various Gristmill souvenirs.

This really is an old cotton gin.  As you walk in, they ask you if you want to sit inside or outside.

My husband quickly chose inside.  It is sort of funny because "outside" is completely outside on a patio area.  "Inside" is under the roof, the back wall is brick but the whole front side is open with only screening between you and the outside.  In the "winter", they have plastic covers that drop down in place of the screen.  Good thing we don't have many mosquitoes or other bugs because there really aren't any doors.

We had a delicious dinner with baby back ribs for me and grilled trout for my husband.  You get two sides but they are huge and could easily be shared.  I think there are lots of take-out boxes leaving with people.

The flowers on the grounds were so pretty that I just had to take a couple of shots.  These plants are up against Gruene Hall which is next to the Gristmill.

These plants are a sort of barricade between parking on the street and the grounds of the restaurant.

Gruene is a fun place to visit so be sure you don't miss it if you come to New Braunfels or San Antonio.

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