The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Potters Creek, Canyon Creek, TX - Day 1

I arrived at Potter’s Creek about 2:00 PM.  It’s not far at all from San Antonio but I decided that I had plenty of time to get to Wichita Falls since I wasn’t making a stop at Lake Nocona and I have a fellow WomenRV friend that is staying here at Potter’s Creek and it would be a relaxing place to set up the RV and get things put away in their proper places.  I don’t open the slides when we put the RV in our driveway at home because it is at too much of a slant to put the slides out so things just kind of get loaded in, clothes on the bed, etc., (the bed is in front of the closet).  Anyway, I got a nice spot with afternoon shade and proceeded to back the 5th wheel in.  Took a few minutes, had a nice man on a scooter offer to do it for me (ha, ha), but managed okay on my own as it wasn’t a speed contest.  Just had to jump out several times since I didn’t have a spotter.  Once the electric was hooked up and the A/C running, the dogs and I made a tour of our loop.  There are several loops for camping here with one of them with reservable spots.  Nancy was out for the afternoon which was probably just as well as I had a bit of work to do with reorganizing the inside of the RV.  By late afternoon, every spot in this loop was taken.  There are a lot of tents here this weekend.  Several people were in the lake swimming.  It is still beautiful here, very warm during the day but cooling down quite a bit at night.  The burn ban here was lifted early this week following last weekend’s good rains.  The grass has greened up, the deer are wandering through the campground.  There is also a large flock of geese.  Campfires were burning tonight for the first time in months.  Even with all the campers, it is peaceful and quiet here tonight.

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  1. Lucky you, the perfect spot. Bet the fur kids loved the walk. Honestly there is no way I could do what you do. I shall admire from afar.


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