The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Rain, Wonderful Rain

It's raining in San Antonio!  Now for some, that might be bad news.  For us, we are thrilled.  We had a fantastic thunderstorm before dawn this morning.  I woke up and made a mad dash downstairs to unplug the laptop just in case.  There were flashes of lightning and booms of thunder--it was wonderful.  We got some good hard rain and, after lunch, it is still raining.  Granted it is not heavy but it is still coming down.  The dachsies are a little less thrilled than we are but Gretchen heads out undaunted to take care of business both before and after breakfast.  Harley also gritted his teeth and headed out to take care of things.  Willie, on the other hand, will hold it until his eyeballs are turning yellow.  He knows I'm keeping close tabs on him so there are no "accidents" due to an aversion to "weather".  It will be a quiet day of watching movies, reading books, and using the computer.  Well, the movies will come into play after hubby watches every available "Top Gear" program available including those he has automatically recorded on the DVR.  But surely that will happen pretty soon, right?  I mean it is going on 2:00PM.  I have more books upstairs and I can finish reading all the blogs I follow.  And it is still raining!   Woohoo!!!!!

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  1. You can have the rain, you needed it but just keep it there for a week okay so we can get on without the rain!! Our girls hate getting wet and will stick their noses out the door and try to come back in, we have to make them go out. I hate walking them in wet weather as their tummies get all dirty.


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