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The Longdogs
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Stonehenge II, Ingram, TX

Today was a great day for a road trip.  It started out with me driving out to Potter's Creek on Canyon Lake to meet up with my friend Birdie.  It's about a 45 minute trip out to the lake but a nice drive.  Once I met up with Birdie, we headed across country on our way to Kerrville to pick up another RVing friend, Shirley.  Both Birdie and Shirley are full-timers that like this area.  I met Shirley out at Birdie's last week so this was the first chance to see her rig.  She has a great Class A motorhome.  We arrived to find her relaxing outside at the KOA where she is staying.  A short time later we were on our way to Ingram to see "Stonehenge II".

Stonehenge II was originally located on a ranch in the rural Hunt area.  It all started in 1989 when Doug Hill tipped a huge limestone block up on it's end in a field on Al Sheppard's ranch.  After looking at it for a while, they decided to add another couple blocks to make an arch so it would be more noticeable.  Once the arch was complete, it reminded Al of the original Stonehenge in England and he commissioned Doug Hill to build a Texas Stonehenge.  It is not an exact replica as it is much smaller and all the arches are still standing.  It took nine months to build the Stonehenge which is cement over a wire frame.  After a trip Al took to the Easter Islands, replicas of the statues located there were added to the group.  Al also planned to add a replica Alaskan totem pole to the tableaux, but died in 1994 in his seventies before realizing that portion of his dream. His nephew, also named Al Shepperd, now owns the ranch.

In June 2011, Stonehenge II and the Easter Island monuments were moved to the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram.

An interesting and unusual sight right here in Texas.

Stonehenge II and Easter Island Heads

120 Point Theatre Rd S., Ingram, TX
Relocated to the grounds of the Hill Country Arts Foundation. I-10 exit south into Kerrville. Turn right when you get to Hwy 27/Main St. Take Hwy 27 to Ingram (about 5 miles). At the second light in Ingram go straight through the intersection toward Hunt, which will put you on Hwy 39 (Hwy 27 will angle off to the right toward Mountain Home). After the light, watch for the Johnson Creek Bridge; immediately after the bridge you will see the sign for the Hill Country Arts Foundation on the left.

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