The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Dinner with Friends

Today was a busy day.  I did some site seeing including driving by my former home on Turkey Ranch Rd, stopped by to visit several neighbors who, unfortunately, were not home.  One of them called me later and we had a nice chat.  I was also invited out to a friend's house for coffee.  Doris Lackey built a unique new house and, although I had seen photos, this was my first visit.  The house is square and the outside is covered in rock.  It is a unique look but one that works well.

There is covered parking for about 5 vehicles and a covered patio with a smaller house behind where Doris lived while her new house was being built and her son now lives.  The inside of the house is beautiful with a sunny, wide open look to the space.  The house is open from the front to the back.  On each side of the front living room are two nice large bedrooms with huge bathrooms.  The living room flows into the dining room and that flows into a large kitchen on one side and office with wood bookcases on the other across the back of the house.

The kitchen has beautiful dark wood cabinets and granite counter tops but doesn't seem dark at all because of the open concept, and many windows.

The whole house has beautiful stone floors with a border dividing the spaces from each other.  Doris uses an electric wheelchair so this whole concept works extremely well for her but really, it would work equally well for anyone else.  We had a great visit over coffee and cookies.  Doris, we were having such a nice visit that I forgot to take any pictures so I hope you won't mind that I borrowed a couple that you took earlier.

After a quick trip back to the park to walk the dogs and give them dinner, I was off to another get-together with friends.  Three of my former co-workers belong to a Red Hat group and the group graciously invited me to have dinner with them at El Chico's Cafe on Southwestern Parkway.
Front (l to r) Vickie Sullivan, Rosemarie Fidelie, Back (l to r) me, Kay Clayton

Dinner was great and so was the company.  Cute hats, huh?  We did a lot of catching up before we all headed home.

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  1. Great home. I have a friend in a chair, she would be envious.


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