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The Longdogs
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Remembering Old Times

Last night I went over to visit a friend I used to work with here at the 82d Contracting Squadron at Sheppard AFB.  Vickie Sullivan and I got caught up on the years since we last saw each other.  We do keep in touch by email occasionally so just had to fill in a few spots.  One of the reasons I came to Wichita Falls was to attend the dedication of the Weaver Training Room at the 82d Contracting Squadron. Tandy Weaver and I worked together for about 20 years before I moved on to another job in San Antonio. A couple of years later, Tandy passed away very suddenly. The squadron decided to name their new training room in her honor.  Another former co-worker, Cheryl Brown, also drove up from San Antonio so we all met at Vickie's house to go to lunch and then went on to the ceremony. Sometimes it is a small world.  A former commander of the squadron, John McLaurin, also showed up from San Antonio.  I worked for John here at the 82d when he was the commander and when I retired last year, he took my job at Randolph at HQ AETC Contracting.

It was nice seeing people we used to know at the squadron but there aren't many left.  Mark Snyder is the Director of Business Operations and was a fellow flight chief when I left.  Renee Gifford worked for me and is now a flight chief.  Two others, Jimmy Beeson and Laura McRee were in a trainee program then and are now  flight chiefs as well. Kevin West and Pearlene Carr were the only two others at the ceremony that were there when I worked there.  I also got a tour of the new building.  It sure is nice.  Mark said the A/C actually worked all summer and they don't have to put out buckets for the leaks when it rains.  Ah, progress.  It is a beautiful facility.

I hope to catch up with several other people I used to work with while I am here in Wichita Falls that were unable to attend the ceremony.  But I know that a couple of them are out of town.

Oops, had my camera in hand and didn't get any pictures.

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  1. NIce to see some old friends while attending the dedication. Enjoy your visit.


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