The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Wichita Fall RV Park, TX

This morning I moved over to the Wichita Falls RV Park on Seymour Rd.  It is also centrally located for getting around town but it is quiet and well maintained.  When I used to live in Wichita Falls, this was a mobile home park and not a great one at that but that has completely changed.  Now it is Woodall's rated 9 and 9.5 and it is a Good Sam Park or you can also use the TACO discount--$22.50 back in or $27 pull through (discount included).  Cable TV and great Wireless Internet are included.  Sites are a decent size with grass lawns and concrete patio with picnic table.  Roads are paved and sites are graveled and level.  As you can see there are trees but a few sites are open if you prefer.

The office is located in the center of the park so they know what is going on.  The park manager is a former full-time RVer so she is friendly and knows what she is doing.  The pool is right in front of the office.  There is a nice clean laundromat on site and two very nice clean family style restrooms.

On one side of the park, they are working on a large pond with a dock and bridge out to a small island.

There is a dog park at the front of the park.  While not fenced in, there are lots of hydrants for the dogs to explore.

The Wichita River flows across the back of the park.  Just in case you are wondering, the water in the rivers around here is chocolate brown.

I saw this grass-like plant on my walk around the park.
All in all, I would definitely recommend this park as reasonably priced, well-maintained, friendly, and quiet with quick access to the rest of the city.

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