The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Few More Repairs

There are still projects going on around here.  The guys decided to take on the roof rot on the front porch.  It seems that the drip edge meant to reroute the water from the corner out across the sidewalk was really not put together right in the first place so the fascia had developed some bad places so the demolition crew dug in.  They had to replace a very small section of the roof itself too.  

Dave is checking out the fit of the replacement fascia.  We really lucked out on that one.  Dave went to Lowe's looking for a 2"x10" cedar board that was grooved on one side.  Apparently that isn't something they keep in stock BUT someone had returned one 10' board which was just exactly what we needed. It was even roughly grooved down the length of one side.  Steve was also up on the roof working down from that side.  He pounded in a few nails that were loose all along the fascia on the second story.  We have one more spot up there that still needs fixing.

We also knew that the corner fascia on the second story in back was separated.  How did we know?  Well, first we heard either birds or squirrels in the attic right in that corner.  Haven't heard anything for quite some time so now is the time to get it closed up.  I really didn't want either father or son up on that ladder but they don't listen too well.  Discovered that there were never any nails into a couple of the studs which is why it separated so that got fixed.  We also got the spotlights up there replaced.

It's a long way up there.  Now that the spotlights have been replaced, we will be able to track those little dachsies down when they don't come running at night.  I guess you can see how gone the grass is around here but hopefully it will all come back once we finally get some rain.

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  1. Not to ignore the guys work and what a wonderful job their doing.
    But is that a dapple doxy in the truck behind the pretty reds? I have a dapple he is a true love.

  2. Harley is a double dapple dachsie and he is an adorable little troublemaker. He is crazy about fetching a ball and has tons of energy although he has calmed down in the last year. He is 3 years old and loves to be cuddled as long as he thinks it is his idea.

  3. Repars, repairs. A never ending process, but it feels good to see them done.


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