The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Sunday, Sunday

Steve and the kids went off to play in the park first thing Sunday morning but it was already getting warm.  So we decided to head off to Chacho's & Chalucci's, rather unique restaurant with an indoor (A/C) playground.

They have fairly inexpensive food but the big draw for the kids is the play gym you can see through the window in the photo below.  Now granted, it isn't nearly a good as the fantastic climbing area the kids played on yesterday at Sea World but it works just great for a day when you need a change or outside play is not optimum.  Just be prepared for the noise level at this place.  Grandpa can't handle it but he was working anyway and Grandma is a lot tougher when it comes to things like this.

After some time here, we made a trip to the Live Oak Civic Center where Grandpa is an event coordinator.  This weekend's show was a Model Train show so there was lots to see there since the clubs put up a number of tracks with various size trains.  One particularly neat set-up was the Lego train area.  The modelers there have a real fantasy set-up in place and it was fun to watch.

Finally late afternoon rolled around and it was time to head up to Marble Falls to meet the kids mother.  We had arranged the pickup at one of the local parks so the kids would have plenty to do while they waited.  It is also half way to their home in Brownwood so it makes a good break for some exercise and running around.  The kids had a picnic supper and then played tag with their Dad until their Mom arrived and The end of a good visit.

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