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The Longdogs
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Randolph AFB Air Show - Oct 2011

The Air Show is in town at Randolph AFB.  Since we are an Air Force family, Steve thought it would be great to take the kids.  In addition to the Blue Angel's (I know, Navy instead of the Air Force Thunderbirds but they are good too), there a lot of other air demonstration acts.  One of the acts was the Vietnam era show and it was fantastic.  They dropped smoke bombs and really put on a screaming show.  I got a call from my husband Dave who was working at the Live Oak Civic Center.  Some of the vendors saw the smoke from their parking lot a mile away and wondered if there was a crash.  Nope, just a great show.

There were also lots of static display planes to look at.  I know you can see it.  Steve and the kids are in costume again.  Might as well get mileage while you can.

This plane's civilian pilot was letting some of the kids take a look at the cockpit of his plane.

He asked Morgan to pose and you don't have to ask her twice!  She has all the moves down.

There were also helocopters of various kinds.

This was a medivac helocopter.  Fortunately they were more than satisfied to sit in the back and didn't want to lay on the stretchers.

There were walk-throughs in some of the larger planes.

You went in the front and came out the back of the plane

We did lots of walking across the tarmac.  It doesn't look crowded here but there were lots of people out there.  This was near the opposite end from where the planes were flying.

When the kids came out of this huge plane, the crew was handing out treats to the kids.  What a nice touch.

We stopped to take a little break just off the tarmac behind the booths.  Music was playing so Morgan had to dance.

Cameron is a little more shy but once he gets warmed up........

The Geico Nascar Number 13 was on display and the crew came over and asked the kids to pose with both their trailer and the car.  They said it would be on their website this week.

Of course there was the inevitable midway rides.  Cameron chose a Pirates of the Caribbean inflatable playground.

Morgan chose a bouncing castle.  I think she got a bigger bang for her buck.  They had a euro ball ride where you climbed inside an inflated ball and rolled around in a pool.  $10 bucks per ball, 4 balls in the pool, probably not more than 3 or 4 minutes in the ball.  Lots of money being raked in there.

Cameron decided to relax a bit while we were waiting on the Blue Angels to take to the sky.  Kids and dogs can relax anywhere.

Another fun day was had by all.

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