The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Wichita Bend RV Park - Day 2

A little more about the Wichita Bend RV Park.  There are always pros and cons for the places we stay.  It is very conveniently located right off one of the main highways through town so you can quickly get anywhere.  Water and 30A electric are provided and there is a dump station.   No restrooms so you must be self-contained.
 Right across the swinging bridge in the photo below is the Lucy Park so you have easy access to walking and jogging paths.  The Texas Visitor Center is about a block away and it has Internet access so you could walk up there and get connected.

This is "The Falls" in Wichita Falls.  Now these are not the original falls.  Those were pretty small and lost to  river overflow many years ago. These falls are located at the side of the Wichita River and flow into the river.  What???  Yes, they are not part of the river.   The city built these falls.  There is a cemetery at the top of the falls, the head waters so to speak.  Sorry, couldn't help myself.  The falls are actually quite nice and can be seen from the road.  You can walk up to the top on paths paved with brick.  The bricks were donated and have the donors names engraved on them.  When the river rises significantly after a storm, the falls have chocolate colored water flowing down them.  You can also follow a path all along the river.  The city has actually done a nice job with the assets they have.

Back to the RV park, at $17 per night, it isn't too bad for a quick stop but the traffic noise was just too much for me.  It roared all night long.  I think there would be more RVs stopping for a quick overnight if it was still $10 a night.

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