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The Longdogs
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Potter's Creek Get-to-Gether

For some reason I couldn't fall asleep Wednesday night so I didn't get much sleep between 2:30 and 5:30 AM but everyone has those nights once in a while. Steve was headed back to Florida before dawn on Thursday morning.   So I hopped up and helped him pull together a few last things although he was already very well organized.  It's about a 14 hour drive which he has made too many times to count in the last few years.  Like me, he loves to travel.  He hit the road at 6 AM and I decided I was going to lay back down for just a little while.  I was back up at 8:45, made the coffee, and headed out to Potter's Creek Park, a COE Park on Canyon Lake.  

My full-timing friend Nancy (Birdie) is parked in her favorite spot at Potter's Creek.  She spent most of last winter there in her Class C.  Even though the lake is pretty low and there is a total burn ban (including grills), it still doesn't look too bad there.  You'll see in just a minute.  We planned to have a Get Together.  Nancy's friend, Shirley, whom she met in Livingston at the Escapees this summer was coming in from Kerrville and I came in from San Antonio, actually Schertz but that is a little too small for most people to know.  Nancy (Birdie) is on the left and Shirley is standing in the door of Nancy's RV.

We sat in the shade and visited for an hour or two and then we headed into Canyon City which is a very small town on Canyon Lake to the Italian Garden.  It was remodeled last year and another whole room was added.  It is very nice inside, the prices are reasonable, and the food was very good.  I had Eggplant Parmigiana, Birdie had a combination platter with lasagna and Zita, and Shirley had Sausage Fettuccine.  They were all delicious.  I know some of you love food pictures but I never think of them until the food is half gone.  Sorry.  After we ate, we drove around and showed Shirley some of the sites like Canyon Dam.  We also checked out Lake Pointe RV Resort.  It is one of those membership resorts BUT they also take Escapees, Passport America, and CampClubUSA members at $12/night.  They even let us drive through and check it out.  It seemed nice with an small adult pool and a separate Jr Olympic size family pool, there's also a clubhouse, dog walk, and walking path.  You can see the lake but you are not camped right on the edge of it.

Once back at Potter's Creek, I got a better picture of Birdie's campsite.  You can see why she likes it.  This is the view towards the woods.  She has shade and a nice covered picnic table.  There is also both a grill and a fire ring but those cannot be used right now due to the burn ban.

This is one of the views from Birdie's site.  You can see the deer that move through the park all the time.  There are quite a few fawns but you are asked not to touch them.  I didn't get another picture that I should have which is to the right of this are which is where you can see the lake.  There are several camping loops here, some shady spots, some completely open spots.

It was a beautiful day in the lower 90's, perfect for sitting out in the shade with a slight breeze blowing.  I'll be back Birdie.

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  1. What a great site Birdie has! NIce that you ladies had a great reunion.


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