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The Longdogs
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Happy New Year!

All that you hope for... all that you dream of... all that makes you happy...
that's what you're wished in the new year and always!

The Longdogs (Harley, Willy, and Gretchen) and I wish you a year that brings good friends,
good health, good luck, good things & safe travels!

Harley and Gretchen




Happy New Year!

MacArthur Park

The weather is just great here in the San Antonio area.  We decided to head over to MacArthur Park to take advantage of all the sunshine.  It's just on the side of a hill as you go west around IH410 towards the airport so we saw it and had to take the next exit and try to work our way back around.  That was an experience in itself but I did get to see a lot of the MacArthur Park neighborhood that I had no idea was there.  There are beautiful winding roads with huge live oaks everywhere and big spacious yards.  Not what you would expect in that area near IH410.  Looks like a wonderful place to live.  We never could wind our way back to the previous exit so we ended up going under the expressway and heading east to the next exit which is what we should have done in the first place but then look at what we would have missed.

This is a really nice park named after Gen Douglas MacArthur.

There is lots of shade, several large pavillions for big parties, picnic tables, and benches scattered around the park.

Of course, the kids were interested in the playground equipment and there is a lot of it.  There are lots of swings and jungle gyms and playscapes.

There are balance beams that slowly bend at the joints as you go across them.  Cameron is an acrobat but Morgan likes a helping hand.

You can find rock climbing structures to challenge your kids.  All the playground equipment is surrounded by soft pebbles so any falls are pretty cushioned when the kids overestimate their abilities.

There are lots of slides plenty big enough for parents to play on with their kids.

You can find things to swing on and to climb on and to balance on.

With kids you always have to have drinks and snacks so we travel prepared and there were lots of places to take a little rest and refreshment.

And then it's back to the games and fun.

And even with all the families out enjoying the day, and the new bikes being ridden around the sidewalks, and the kids playing everywhere, it's a big park so there is plenty of room to get in a rousing game of tag!

Everyone will sleep good tonight!

Christmas Comes Again

We got to have a second Christmas this year since our son arrived on Tuesday and we picked up two of our grandkids on Wednesday.  So Thursday was the big day for them.  Even though they are 5 and 8, they obligingly slept in until 8:30 AM.  Maybe that was because they had already had one big Christmas with their mom.  Anyway.....

Mr and Ms Claus Jr were very excited about passing out all the gifts.

Harley likes to be right in the thick of things. Willie and Gretchen prefer to watch from the sidelines.

Some women like mink stoles but Morgan was very happy with her knit bunny rabbit scarf and gloves.  Fortunately the weather is much too warm to wear them right now and that is just fine with us.

I think this is a puzzle.  The kids decided they really liked puzzles when I had some 
for them in the RV last summer.

It appears that Captain America's shield was a hugely popular present from Dad.

It's really nice when you have kids that are happy with everything they get.  We were always lucky with our kids like that too.  They might want a few special things but they were always happy with what they received.

Ever hear of a motorcycle dryer?  Steve was very happy with his.  
You don't want water spots on your chrome you know.

Harley was fascinated by the talking bag that told him not to peek when he got too close.

Captain America is ready to save us all.

Morgan liked her Baby Alive and her Barbie and her tea set.

Steve has a Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI of which he is extremely proud.  
We get regular mileage reports.  He puts a lot of miles on it back and forth from 
Florida to Texas so great mileage is a blessing.

What is this big box?

A fun time was had by all and Christmas was great even if part of it came late.  We missed having our daughter-in-law Helen with us this time but she and Steve got to spend the real Christmas day together.

Thanks Birdie! Support Ronald McDonald and Fisher Houses

Cameron was a very happy kid when we got back to San Antonio.  You see, Cameron has been saving pull tabs from soda cans because his school is collecting them for the Ronald McDonald house.  Ronald McDonald Houses collect pop tabs instead of entire aluminum cans because it's more hygienic to store tabs than cans, and collection and storage is easier.  The program is an easy way for people of all ages to support RMHC and know they are making a difference for families and children.

The Ronald McDonald houses are very special places where families who have children in the hospital can stay.  Staying at one of these houses helps with hotel expenses but it does a lot more than that.  It's a place with toys and things for kids to do while they or their siblings have to be in a hospital.  It enables families to be together and have a more normal life while undergoing health issues.  We have personal experience with the Ronald McDonald house in Ft Worth because Cameron had surgery for a brain tumor a couple of years ago and we stayed there.  It is a great place.  

We have all been saving the pull tabs but today I gave Cameron the bag of pull tabs that my RVing friend Birdie has saved over a long period of time.  He was thrilled.  That is a lot of tabs.

Thanks Birdie, these tabs will be going to back to Brownwood to Cameron's school and he is very proud and happy to be taking them with him when he goes back to school next week.

Ronald McDonald Houses deserve support for the great service they provide.  If you happen to be military, Fisher Houses provide the same great support for those in military hospitals.

It's a Fine Wednesday

 Our son Steve arrived from Florida last night.  I can't tell you how many trips he has made between Florida and Texas the last few years but he and his car have the route memorized.  This morning we drove to Marble Falls to pick up the grandkids.  You can tell that they are so happy to see their Dad.

We met at the park.  The kids were ready for a picnic lunch and a chance to play tag on the playground with their Dad.  Cameron was "IT".

 Morgan made it "home" safe.

Okay, Cameron is "IT", time to run and hide everyone.  Morgan was in a big hurry to get out of sight.

I think Dad is "IT" now!

It was a beautiful, sunny Texas day and fun was had by all before taking off on the other half of the ride back to San Antonio.  Can you tell what these are?  This is a crop of Texas pecans just waiting to drop and be picked up.  They are a bit small from the lack of rain this year but you find pecans trees in lots of the parks around Texas.  You should never thrash the trees but you are usually allowed to pick up the pecans and this is the right time of the year.

I think we have a second Christmas coming tomorrow!

Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day to all my Canadian relatives and friends.  Most of our holidays are the same except for the day we celebrate Thanksgiving and then Canadian Boxing Day.

The sun was back in San Antonio today and it sure was good to see it.  I even had a chance to go and look at RVs with two friends of mine but, alas, I had to decline as I already had other plans.  They weren't great plans or even fun plans but sometimes you just have to knuckle down and get some things done.  Today was that day.  Today was the day that the carpet was going to get shampooed!

I rented the machine and set in with a vengence.  Now, many hours later, I am relaxing in my chair hoping that all the effort will pay off in clean floors and a fresh smell in the air.  I think the "high traffic" area may get one more go-round before I return the machine in the morning but for now, I am beat, dead beat with thoughts of an aspirin or two before hitting the bed.

Son is arriving tomorrow night with grandchildren to follow the next day so now the carpets will be fresh and clean for playing games and building with Legos.  Let the games begin.....

Merry Christmas and to all a good night......

Christmas Eve day started like this . . . .

I got up this morning and turned on the TV to a channel with this lovely fireplace scene and Christmas music playing none stop.  Very nice.  And I thought about the cookies I baked yesterday.

Then we had to make a quick run over to the Feed store for the furkids special dog food.  Wouldn't do to run out of that over the holidays.  Next we had to stop at Walmart...seems DH wasn't done Christmas shopping yet.  So I picked up a few more ingredients for baking and some ground chuck to make DHs favorite meal for dinner--burgers on the grill.  Back home again and on with the baking.  First the pumpkin bread....

Then the banana bread......

Maybe some sausage cheese balls would be good for a change....

The afternoon passed by quickly.  Got a few more Christmas cards in the mail.  Dinner has been eaten.

And now, from Willie....

And Gretchen.....

And Harley.....

And me.......

A very Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends 
and friends that are blog writers and friends that are blog readers
And to all a goodnight.....