The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2023-5-23 Camp Verde Texas

 This is an interesting place to visit. There is a lot of history as well as a general store with lots of things to look at and a very good restaurant.

As you can see, history of this particular store goes back to 1857 and the unique experiment to bring in camels adds to the story.

Our group dinner didn't quite live up to expectations as we were at about four different large tables. The food was great as usual but two of our tables had a waitress that really had no clue how to take orders and get people served. The manager actually gave us a discount because it took so long to get our food that our other tables were done eating by the time our food came out and they all arrived after we did. A couple days later some of us went back and received the same great food and service we have always gotten in the past.
There is also some interesting history with the Indians in this area.

5-26-2023 Old River Road RV Resort

 The rally was held at Old River Road RV Resort. It's a nice park with a lot of RV sites, many cabins, indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, fishing on the river, large rally room.

The river was low in some places.

And flowing in other places.

Interesting sign to remind everyone to slow down in the park. Cars all went slow but a few of the many golf carts were a little too speedy.

Our members travel in all kind of RVs. Teri has a cute vintage that she full-times in.

Many of us travel with pets. This lucky pet has his own yard.

We have some avid fishermen.

We took advantage of some steps out in front of the rally room to take our group photo.

Saturday night the park hosted a huge fish fry for the whole park which was delicious. After the meal, there was a band playing in the basketball court. Many park residents attended with their golf carts. We sat back by our RVs to listen because the music was loud but finished by quiet time.

5-25-2023 Kerrville Rally Brunch

 Our rally hostesses chose a different route and chose to have a brunch instead of a potluck.

And what a brunch it was!

The food was fantastic.

And the presentation was awesome, so professional.

From the beverages to the food, there was something for everyone.

After the brunch as well as hours here and there throughout the rally, a small core group were immersed in a particular card game. Rumickub was also a fun passtime but not a consuming passion.

5-24-2023 Sculpture Prayer garden

 Some of us went to take a look at the Coming King Sculpture Garden. It is a religious undertaking but anyone could enjoy the peaceful view of the sculptures and view out over Kerrville from the top of the hill.

The cross can be seen for miles. It's huge and amazing how they got it in place.

The sculptures are beautiful. 

Everyone is invited to leave a prayer or message on a rock.

The view from overhead is very different from what you see on the ground.

The sunset was beautiful!  It was a nice end to the evening.

2023-5-24 Stonehenge at Ingram Texas

 I headed up to Kerrville for a Texas Ramblin' Roses Rally on Wednesday. The rally check in was actually Thursday but it's always nice to have a little extra downtime.  Arrived about noon at the Old river Road RV Resort and got all set up. My sister-in-law Elaine arrived about an hour later. We decided to head up the road to check out Stonehenge II. We had stopped at Culver's for a quick lunch. It's no longer on my list of places to visit in Kerrville. Food was luke warm when finally delivered. Burgers were burned and they definitely didn't use their famous butter burger buns. they werre the same as the cheapest ones available at Walmart.

Doug Hill built the Stonehenge replica in his backyard and finished it in 1989. He eventually retired and sold his ranch and donated the sculptures. It is now located at the Hill Country Arts Center. 

The replica is obviously much smaller than the original and it is built with concrete, plaster, and wire frames cemented in place.

There are also two Easter Island statues.

We also got a tour of the inside and outside theaters. They put on some great productions for future reference.

Much later we had ribs that Elaine got from Aldi's. I cooked them in my convection oven. They were fabulous. We had a very relaxing visit to the ht tub before bed.