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The Longdogs
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Boots On The Ground..........Artfully

Thursday rolled around and the plan was to meet three other women RVers up in Wimberley for lunch. Great.....visiting with friends and a chance to track down some more of the Wimberley boots. I pulled out my little map booklet once I got close to Wimberley so I could find some of the boots on the edge of town.

The first one was pretty elusive but I finally found it up on the porch of Brewster's Pizza.  "Bootster's Pizza"  Artist: Jordyn Collie.

"Cacti Sunset"   Artist: Channe Felton     This was hidden down the driveway at Mountain View Lodge

"Rivers of Faith"  Artist: Loyal White    Off the main road in front of Wimberley United Methodist Church.

Another one hidden off the road at Blair House Inn    "Art Inn Texas"  Artist: Denice Calley

"Bootiful Hill Country"  Artist: Rosemary & James Barta

Definitely different......"Body Bootiful"  Artist: Shelley Esser

This one was hard to get a good photo as it is in front of Cypress Creek CafĂ©/Buzzard Bar and they had a fire so it was fenced off.   "Homegrown Music" Artist: David Richardson

"Bootleggers"   Artist: Dan Moore

"The Wild West"  Artist: Tiffany O'Neill Huff

Another hard to find one......"Texas Music Lives"   Artist: Hector Garcia

And then there was a lovely lunch at Inoz on the patio. A light breeze, some shade, and lots of visiting along with good food and huge glasses for cold drinks.

"Hill Country Birds"  Artist: Doug Hiser

"Cactus and Lace"  Artist: Mark Hufford

"Bountiful Boot"   Artist: Rosemary and James Barta

"Weekends with Grandpa"  Artist: Dan Moore

"Hill Country Landscapes"   Artist: Carolyn Pittman
"Layers"   Artist: Chrys Grummert

"After Midnight"  Artist: Tony Sansevero

"Cotton-eyed Koi"  Artist: Rozi Turnbull

"Pleasant Wimberley"   Artist: Jic Clubb
Well, I ran out of time but I haven't run out of Boots yet. I think I have 15 more to find....unless they add more art, lol.  I drove a long ways on River Road and didn't find "Bootscooting to the Chapel" at the Old Glory Ranch.  So that one and the other 14 will have to wait until another trip.  To see the first group of Boots, check out "Bootscooting Across Wimberley".  What other towns do you know have artistic symbols?  I know San Angelo, Texas has Sheep.

Bootscooting Across Wimberley TX

 The other day I made a trip to Wimberley with a friend that had never really seen it. Wimberley is an artistic town. "Bootiful Wimberley" was started in 2014 as a way to highlight the arts and to enhance cultural tourism. Sponsors and artists were eager to participate and, on Sptember 13, 2014 at a "Baring the Boots" party, 34 boots were presented to the public and then installed throughout Wimberley.  In May 2015, 18 more boots were added bringing the total to 50. You can find a map of the "boots" at the Visitor's Center and at many of the stores downtown. We only managed to find 16 boots on this trip but we will be back. So here is a pictoral presentation of our day....

Over Rover.....Artist: Rich Canter

Hill Country Sunset......Artist: Dan Moore

We made a stop here because it looked very interesting....

....and it was.

Next stop.....the Tree House

East Meets West......Artist: Razi Turnbull

Eternal Harmony.....Artist: Diana Weems

Going on an adventure is always fun!

 High Adventures.....Artist: Denice Colley

Picnic....Artist: Diana Weems

Turn the Boot Around......Artist: Rhett Ryan

Kickin' Round Wimberley.....Artist: Kathy and Gary Arnold

Boots aren't the only art you will see in Wimberley. There is a little courtyard between and behind one of the stores on the square. You will find a very interesting "zoo" if you take a few minutes to stroll here.


Another unique sign which is just so "Wimberley"!

The Stars At Night......Artist: D.R. Jones

Just one of the many eclectic shops you will find as you wander through the downtown area.

Gingerbread House.....Artist: Lynn Myers

The Wild West......Artist: Tiffany O'Neill Huff

Wimberley Wildflowers & Pollinators....Artist: Bejat McCracken

Beautiful glass art on display.

Boot Hill......Artist: Dan Moore

The Yellow Rose Of Wimberley....Artist: Denice Calley

Bootique...Artist: Tiffany O'Neill Huff

Sisterhood....Artist: Holly Edwards

Wimberley is very feel like you are on.....

Many of the buildings in Wimberley are old.....

The Year Of The Horse....Artist: Lucy Wiley 

We will be back looking for the rest of the boots and enjoying the ambiance that is Wimberley, Texas.