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The Longdogs
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A Day with Karen-in-the-Woods and Stevio

What an exciting day!  Two of my favorite bloggers are in town for just a day and we get to meet up.  I've been following RVing: The USA is Our Big Backyard for quite a while. There have been some changes in their lives over the last year or so and you may remember it as RVing: Little House...Big Backyard or think of it as KarenintheWoods.  When I saw they were coming to San Antonio, I immediately thought of my friend Susan from Travelbug and a three way meet up.  I contacted Susan to let her know they would be coming to Travelers World RV Resort.  And guess where they ended up....right next to Susan.  Karen and Steve's Serengeti Safari is even prettier in person than on their blog.

After battling traffic due a an accident enroute, I finally made it and we all headed across the street for lunch at Taqueria Guadalahara.

 All the ladies had Enchiladas Verdes and Stevio had Chicken Fried Steak.  Just so you non-Texans know, that is not chicken; however, I have to admit that I have never seen it served with french fries and rice.  lol.

The plan was for Karen and Steve to head downtown to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk later in the afternoon to take advantage of San Antonio's free city parking after 5 on Tuesdays.  So we headed down the road a very short distance to show them Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo which is one of the 5 National Park Missions in San Antonio.  The Alamo is also one of the 5.  You can see the church part of the mission behind the very animated ranger.

It is very pretty and still in active use as a Catholic church.  The San Antonio Diocese maintains the church itself and the National Park service is responsible for the rest of the buildings and grounds. Both times I've been there, the rangers made this very clear so that no one would get any wrong ideas. The whole entrance area was recently renovated.

This area is part of the outer wall/building.  See the cacti growing out of the porch area?  The outer area is comprised of limestone and was rebuilt.

Susan and Karen were busy snapping pictures.

I caught Steve here in the granary.  This wasn't open when I was here the last time.  They had a large display area with lights and narrative in one corner.

This jug is embedded in the wall.  Since the walls are so thick, you could pour water into the top of the jug to keep it cool.  There is a spigot at the bottom.

The gate was open to go out and see the mill and the acequia this time too.

This is inside the ground level of the mill.

The front alter area of the church has been recently repainted and guilded.  It is really beautiful. The church is open for public viewing as long as there are no services or ceremonies in session.

I did get to see this area last time.  It is the corner of the outside wall where defense was conducted.  The small holes on top were where guns would provide the protection while the larger holes near the floor area were for cannons.  I guess they had to shoot blind once the weapons were in the holes.

We watched the film in the Visitor's Center after realizing that it was 4:15 and the Alamo closed at 5:00pm.  We headed back to the park where Karen graciously gave us a tour of their rig and we got to see many of the neat modifications that Stevio has made.  It has a great layout with lots of light.  We also got to meet Duke and Duchess (Duck).  Karen had them do the treat on the nose trick which they did impressively.  Then she put the other half of the treat on their paws.  After a minute, she told them they could have the treat and they just sat there.  She tried several different time but they sat there like stone statues.  I can so relate to doggy tricks on their human pack leaders.  lol.

As most of you know, Karen is an accomplished weaver and knitter.  Susan and I were both surprised and thrilled when she gifted us with a pair of socks that she knit on her sock machine.  They are so nice.  Karen has an etsy store The Loomatic Works where she sells her beautiful items.

After following Karen's blog and being Facebook friends, it felt like we were already good friends.  Be sure to check out the posts from Karen and Susan because no two posts on the same subject are really the same.  Karen and Steve headed down to the Riverwalk after we left but you will have to read about that on RVing: The USA is Our Big Backyard.

We'll see you down the road and please come back to San Antonio real soon.

An Egg Finds a New Home

Just we were rolling down the road and almost home from Bussey's Flea Market on Sunday afternoon, I got a call from Vicki who known to many as "Yakn" (nicknamed from her love of kayaking not talking).  "What are you doing?"  "Not much, just coming home from the Flea Market."  "Want to go look at a trailer with me?"  "Sure.  Hurry up Dave, Vicki is on her way over to get me to go look at a trailer."   And so, off they go........

About an hour and 10 minutes later, we spyed this little gem just down the road so we knew we were in the right place.

It appears that an older couple bought it for their out of town son.  Turns out he found his own deal the same day so they want to sell it and advertised it on Craigslist today.  It needs work of course because it has a little age on it.  Several calls came in while Vicki and I were busy checking it out.  Some guy calls from the road as he is driving up from Houston to look at it.  Vicki says....."tell him it is sold."   He was not a happy camper at all.  He may have even said some bad words to the lady selling it but I think she was really pleased it was going to a woman....especially when she found out the woman worked on them herself.  She ran in the house saying she needed to find the number and call the couple from Comfort to tell them not to come.

The door is a little off kilter.  It needs some fiberglass work.  A couple of repairs that were done will need to be redone as the work was very amateur.  Vicki didn't like the A/C in the back window.

Two very happy ladies.....and photographic evidence that money changed hands.  You aren't dealing with a couple of naive buyers here.  We told Betty that we would be back Monday morning to take the little egg home to Vicki's personal little RV garage.  Sorry, she only works on her own RVs.

 Monday morning we were back on the road to the lake.  Vicki backed her truck up.  The casita was sitting in a little dip and is very low anyway so I picked the tongue up and hoisted it over the hitch.  No, I am not strong by any means but this little baby is very light at the tongue.  Vickie is checking out the axles.

Yes, indeed. The axles do need some grease.  Vicki came prepared with her grease gun.

A little dab into the fitting on each side and the caps go back on.

Yes, we are off.  The egg rides very low and a little too high in front even though we have a lowered hitch on the truck.  Hmmm, Vicki thinks the axles will need to be flipped.  Even perfectly level, the clearance on this little egg is about 4 inches.

We headed off to San Antonio keeping watch all the way and made it back just fine.  So here's the news directly from Vicki's lips:

".....the new baby is a 1989 (not 1985 as advertised) Liberty Deluxe 16'. It has all of the original interior, beige carpet on the walls and light blue and beige upholstery. I don't know yet if it has heat but does have the original A/C in the back window. This will be an interesting project, mostly 'cause I have no clue what I'm doing! But never fear I will figure it out!"

No clue what she is we believe that for one single minute.  She also has the cutest little Boler trailer named Tilly that she renovated and another bigger trailer similar to an airstream that she is currently renovating.  I have very talented friends and there is always the chance it will rub off on me.  Happy trails.

No Fleas At This Market - Bussey's In San Antonio

We were off to Bussey's Flea Market this afternoon.  You can see the big armadillo from I-35.  It's actually in Schertz but who's gonna argue.

We quickly realized that the flea market was busier than we had ever seen it  when we saw a block long line of cars along the access road waiting to get to the entrance.  Hmmm...both lines were open into the parking lot.  Parking is a dollar; entrance to the flea market is free.  An interesting way to spend an afternoon. The parking lot goes all along the side and up a hill wrapping behind the display areas.  We ended up in the last row.

You are guaranteed to see some interesting sights....sometimes the goods for sale....sometimes the
 people.   Need some Mexican pottery.  You can find it here.

Perhaps some jewelry elegantly displayed.

Good thing the longdogs are at home.  This shop has all kinds of doggy apparel.  Just a reminder, pets are not allowed at the flea market although there are occasionally dogs for sale as well as birds.  Too much foot traffic for my babies anyway.

There were several booths with plants of all kinds.

Lots of lawn ornaments to go with the plants too.

And wind chimes made from beer cans.

And then there were toys of every kind.  Not fun to pull the kiddos past this one.

Some booths were so neat and organized.

This guy was trying to sell his big, old cabin cruiser boat.  Not sure why the cabin part was off.

You can even buy appliances here.  Hmmm......sold right out of the back of a truck.

This is for those folks that just couldn't make up their mind between a gun and a knife.

Tools of all kinds.

Need a pacifier for that cranky baby?

This shop had all kinds of cute aprons at very reasonable prices.

You might need some pots and pans or dishes to go with your apron.

Masks and swords?

If you get hungry while shopping, they can take care of that too.

And even a place to sit and eat.

Need a petticoat?  Oh, wait, these are tutu's for tiny ladies.

Everybody needs a light made from a bottle of alcohol or would that be a lighted alcohol bottle?

Some Tupperware dealers just skip the parties and sell direct at the Flea Market.

Saddles and bedframes all in one spot.

A sundress selling right next to a sled....hey, wait.....this is San Antonio.

Pinata anyone?  They come in all sizes and shapes.

I think 72 is a little warm for a mink coat but you never know.

Antique phonographs and the music to play in them.

If your RV didn't come with Corian countertops, you can pick up a small one here.

Bring a little spice into your life with Watkins.

Need a beer carrier cowboy hat?  Ah, put that muffler down Dave, you don't need that!

Need a some jewelry fixed while you shop.  That can happen here.

Wow, I'm tuckered out.  How about you?