The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2020-09-28 Wrapping up a Fun Time

 Sunday morning, we all gathered back at Cathy's RV for breakfast. It was good. Everyone brought something to share.

This is Louisiana so, yes, they use tabasco on their eggs. That is one big bottle of tabasco.

Cathy also had another treat lined up for us. Her son is Chase Tyler and he came to entertain us Sunday morning. Before he arrived with his wife and daughter, Cathy gave us the background on his career. He went from singing in the shower, to winning contests at local and then state level to being picked up for Branson. He was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2011.

He has a great voice and is very personable. In addition to records, he also has some videos out.

We all really enjoyed his singing.

Cathy is rightly very proud of him and his success.

Some of the group had to leave after breakfast but the rest of us gathered back at Mary's RV for an etoufee dinner cooked by Mary.

Started out with a guacamole appetizer.

This is the etoufee.

Another great flocking comes to an end. Tomorrow morning, Carolyn and I head out for her house and then it will be home for me.

2020-09-27 Back to Tickfaw State Park

 Friday night, we had leftover......always good. Saturday morning, some of the group was off on a hike at 10:00AM. They have a nice hiking trail right there at the park. I borrowed pictures from Carolyn since hiking is something I just can't do with my hip problem.

We started gathering for happy hour and then dinner later in the day.

 Diana sent these lovely pink dish cloths for everyone. Thanks so much Diana. Since I was handing them out, I didn't get pics as I handed them out. Everyone loved them. We all miss you at the flockings. Claudia also brought some goodies to hand out.

Remember these glasses from a previous flocking. We handed some out to new members.

Cathy ran the whole flocking out of her cute little vintage trailer. Have no idea how she managed to load in the fans and grills and cooking utensils. She was very organized.

A friend of Cathy's volunteered to come out and cook a huge pot of gumbo for the group. (Whoops, this was Jambalaya not Gumbo) Pinkies donated for the ingredients but he brought everything to cook and serve a great meal.

Later in the evening, we played Left, Right,'ll never guess who won.

2020-09-25 Pink FlaminGoes Visit Ponchatoula LA

Friday morning, many of us headed into Ponchatoula for breakfast at the Berrytown Corner Cafe. They were ready for us and had a separate room all set up.
They had lots of great choices for breakfast including stuffed beignets as well as normal omelettes, bacon and eggs etc. Carolyn wanted to order an Irish Coffee but they were out of the special spice they use in them but there were lots of other great choices. My cafe-ah-lait  which was great.

We got our breakfast orders in and then.....

The chamber of commerce showed up with corsages for everyone. They had ribbons with pink flamingos on each one.

Carolyn and Cathy asked for "help" in getting the corsages pinned on, lol.

Cathy had no idea what she was sitting in front of when Carolyn snapped this picture. All in fun. Cathy worked with the chamber of commerce to set up our visit. In addition to the corsages and welcome greeting at the restaurant, there were signs welcoming us in many of the shops and some of them even had special surprises when we walked in.

Ponchatoula is famous for strawberries. We originally had the Flocking scheduled for April when the Strawberry Festival is held but it was cancelled due to the viru.

The Ponchatoula Depot is now the Country Market.

Lots of interesting things to see in the Market.

Ponchatoula has a nice downtown area.

In addition to the buildings, there are also displays from the town history as well as a museum.

Antiques are plentiful here too.

Moss and Berry had a very nice surprise for us inside.

The neighboring store owner was all decked out for our visit.

Moss and Berry had momosas for us. We were able to enjoy them out on their small patio.

All in all, we had a wonderful time in Ponchatoula. It's a great place to visit if you are anywhere in the area.