The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2019-04 Wildflowers on the Willow Tree Loop

This year was predicted to be a banner year for flowers because of all the rain we got in October just like 2010.  They started early but I was on the road and I was afraid maybe I missed them all.  When I got home, I was so busy taking care of the new RV and cleaning out the 5th wheel that I still didn't get out there and I love going to see the wildflowers. Friday, I made a run for it and hoped for the best.

Closer to San Antonio, the yellow and orange wildflowers have taken over but I still found bluebonnets up on the Willow Tree Loop near Fredericksburg.

Lots of Mexican Hats up here too.

And golden carpets across the fields.

Pictures of wildflowers just sort speak for themselves.

It was definitely worth the drive up to the Hill Country. I hope you made it too.

Willy's Big Day.....Sixteenth Birthday

Willy was a rescue dog. We found him wagging his tail in a crate at the Bowie Flea Market. So, of course, we didn't know his exact birthday. The vet said he was about the same age as our Gretchen so she gratiously shared her April 16 birthday. So, this year, our little old Willy is 16 years old. He's very gray, a little wobbly, and sometimes isn't really positive where he is because his eyes don't work too well anymore and his hearing doesn't work at all. But he is still our Willy. We waited until the grandkids were here for the weekend because they love to celebrate birthdays.

I think he could see the candles burning but he had to have help blowing them out.

Dave was right there to provide lots of treats since chocolate cake isn't on Willy's diet.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Flocking in Louisiana

Carolyn, Mary Jane, and I headed east from the Texas Ramblin' Roses Splashway Rally in Sheridan Texas. We were on our way to a second rally in Eunice LA. We headed out late and stopped early in Beaumont TX at Gulf Coast RV Park for the night. After a nice breakfast provided by the Passport America park, we were on our way to Eunice.  The Pink FlaminGoes were having their GTG at the Lakeview RV Park. The sites we had along the lake were a little muddy when we arrived due to all the rain from the past few days but the park brought gravel which was a big help.
 Our sites were right alongside the fishing lake and we had two covered pavilions for our use.

Martha and Pat took advantage of the lakefront sites.

Karan's "puppy" has really grown since we saw hi in February.

We had dinner at D.C.s one night. It was really good and they had something for everyone.

Karan was our hostess....she thought of everything. She even brought a croquet set so we could play.

We were just outside the city of Eunice so we took advantage of cultural opportunities there.

There were some special opportunities on Saturday that we didn't want to miss.

There was a very interesting musical presentation both telling about and playing Cajun music.

There were also displays of quilts and pictures.

we went from there over to the Liberty Center to pick up our tickets for the Cajun Opry that evening. They were really good.

The next morning some of the group got up very early to go to Fred's for some more music. I didn't make it but I understand it was really great. 

The early part of the week was really nice and we enjoyed lots of time outside.

One day we had a fire...….

And we cooked dinner over it. Everybody brought some kind of meat.

Carolyn picked up some vegetables and we grilled those too.

Another night we had our regular potluck. Karan made spaghetti for everyone and we all brought extras for an Italian night.

The weather turned pretty chilly for a couple of days. Since we didn't have an enclosed meeting room, we decided to gather in the laundry room. Although the windows were screened and open, the building did cut back some of the wind.

We played Bingo.

We even played some Mexican Train which was fun.

The park has a lot to offer as well. On Saturday night, they have barn dances. In addition to the fishing lake, they also have a very large natural pool. They filled it and got it ready for use the weekend we were there. 

They added all kinds of huge floats and fun things to play on......unfortunately, it was way too chilly for anyone to enjoy it that weekend.

All in all, we had a really great GTG. And everyone hated to leave.