The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2023-01-21 Morgan's and Steve's Birthday's

 Usually we celebrate birthdays for Morgan and Steve separately but this year it worked out that we did them together. Both Cameron and Morgan came to Cibolo to celebrate the birthdays. Our family has birthday hats. Morgan thought she lucked out since she got to wear this hat versus the "cake" hat that is the normal birthday hat. Steve got to wear that. It's a privilege, right?

This bag has been around for many years. We reuse!

Morgan's biggest interest right now is theater and film so she received a number of books on both.

Also related T Shirts.. This is for film makers.

Morgan got her Dad this cat calendar as a joke.

Helen got Steve a new motorcycle outfit, jacket and pants with body armor.

Checking sleeve length is important to motorcyclists.

We got Steve a custom seat for his motorcycle.

Of course, it had to be installed immediately by the Phipps Motorcycle Shop.

Definitely an improved ride.

Morgan had a special request for her birthday cake. Yes, that is an ice cream cake.

Steve had his own cake.

Helen was the only one brave enouugh to try to cut the turkey.

The legs were waffle cones. There was frosting over the ice cream and that was all covered by caramel.

Daddy's girl!

How could I forget! Angus also celebrated his "Gotcha" day. He was a "rescue" dog through Luv-a-bulls in Austin. He served on their therapy team....the only all pitty therapy group in the country.