The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2020-10- 21 Back to Fun in Glen Rose

 I have to backtrack a little to tell you about this trip. Found out recently that I need to have a hip replacement. While getting the XRay and CT scan with the Orthopedic doctor to check that out, something else appeared in the picture and he set me up with a gynechologist. She did an ultrasound and said there was something there like a calcified fibrode which was probably not something bad but sent me off to have an MRI just to make sure. It was either have that done the day I planned to head out to a rally OR wait another couple of weeks so.......I figured I would be all ready to leave and just take off right after the MRI. Turns out that the MRI was with and without contrast so it took much longer than I anticipated. I didn't get done until 2:30PM. But I was ready to go.....I mean really ready to get out of here ready to go. So I did!  

I drove as far as Marble Falls before I needed coffee since I skipped it this morning. I pulled into the parking lot behind the Blue Bonnet Cafe and it was pretty empty so I turned on the fantastic fan and opened a window for Harley. He got a quick visit to some grass on the far side of the lot and I went in for coffee. Of course, I was seduced by the pie since I didn't have any lunch. For some reason, my waitress never came back with more coffee but when she brought my ticket, she offered me a to-go cup which was perfect. When I came back out to the parking lot. There was a vehicle parked on each side of me.....I mean, the entire lot was empty but they parked on each side of me.

Harley and I headed back out. My radio/gps/backup camera has been working sporadically lately. DH and DS couldn't find anything wrong with it but it seemed to me that something must be loose. Anyway, I missed having a radio or being able to listen to an audio book because Harley is not a big talker. He sleeps a lot while we travel.  

It was just starting to get dark when I rolled into Hico TX. The Koffee Kup Restaurant has a large parking lot around the back and off to the side. It was a long day and I really didn't want to pull into the RV park in Glen Rose after dark so I decided to have dinner and overnight at the Koffee Kup. I have stayed there before so I knew it would be fine. Harley got a walk and his dinner and then I went in to have my dinner. The next morning Harley and I slept in and then took our time in the morning since we were very close to Glen Rose. I decided to have breakfast. When I was ready to pay the waitress, she told me that the couple in front of me paid my bill before they left. Wow, such a nice surprise as I didn't know them and we hadn't even spoken since they were already eating when I arrived.

We really didn't have much of a drive to Glen Rose and the Oakdale RV Park but that was a good thing since the wind was really blowing hard. I love my Phoenix Cruiser and it handles well as it even has a stabilizer bar in addition to the aerodynamic front but I could feel that wind. There are times when I miss my 5th wheel and diesel F250 and driving in strong winds is one of them. I would not even have felt the wind pulling the 5vr. Anyway, we arrived at Oakdale without incident and it was only a 35 mile drive. Some of the Ramblin' Roses were already there and others arrived all day and on Friday. I was parked in front of the Rally Room so it was not a long walk. It is a big park spread on two sides of a giant pool so I made sure to ask for a close site when I made my reservation some time ago as walking is not on my list of fun things to do right now.  I got set up and visited with several women I haven't seen in quite a while. The agenda had a cookout for dinner so I headed down to the pavilion that evening. Only a few of us showed up there.....not sure why. The next day I registered in the Rally Room and spent much of the day visiting with friends. Our rallies are different right now due to the virus. Everyone was warned that masks, social distancing, and sanitizer were required. There was a large shady area next to the rally room so it was easy to bring a chair and sit 6 feet apart in a big circle. We just kept making the circle bigger as more arrived. Some ladies visited or played games in the rally room while others were more comfortable outside which was just fine.

One thing that usually happens at rallies is that someone says they have a problem and someone else steps up to lend advice and a hand to fix it.

In this case, the hub caps had to come off to put air in the tires. Of course they did not want to pop right back on. Cathy explained the need for a rubber mallet and this rig will have valve extenders on it before the next trip.

I mentioned my issue with the radio/GPS/backup camera and Danette said she knew a little about radios and would be happy to take a look at it. I don't have a picture because we had to take the motor cover off and you just don't take pictures of someone practically standing on their head to check each and every connection from the back of the radio to the fuse box.....not if you want to retain friends that is, lol. Danette said she couldn't really find anything but I am going to tell you right now that the radio started right up the morning I left and worked all the way home even though I turned it off several times when I stopped. also worked just fine when I took it back to storage two days later. Thank-you Danette!!

Friday, I had a telecon meeting right at dinner time so I just grabbed a bite and met up with others later on while some attended the Promise play that evening.  Saturday, some of the ladies went to Dinosaur State Park to see the footprints and others went to a Safari Park. Saturday night, we had pizza and salad rather than our normal pot luck dinner, again because of the virus and less people handling things. We had a huge turnout at the pavilion so we could all sit outside and spread out.

Some of the women had to leave on Sunday. This brave lady was up on the roof where she had no business being because the antenna would not go down when they were getting ready to leave. That happens more than you would think and I am so glad I no longer have that kind of antenna.

Those of us that were staying left at 1:30PM to go to Loco Coyote Bar & Grill which was a few miles away with seating in an open air setting. One of the ladies' son showed up with his family and insisted on buying everyone a drink. We kept telling him there were a lot of us there but he insisted. It was a surprise for this mother. I think he came to check out her "gang".

It was pretty quiet by the time we left as they close early on Sunday.

Masks have to come off while you eat.

I almost forgot our group picture. There were a lot of ladies here so we really had to spread out.....not the best picture but sometimes things have to be different.

It was a great rally and I'm glad I went. It was the first time many of the women had been out since this whole mess started.  We will all be glad when we can go back to our normal activities but we make do.