The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

The Birthday Boys

July was birthday month around here. First the country's birthday on the 4th and then Dave's birthday right after. There wasn't enough room on the cake for 69 candles so we just did the best we could. lol

I think he was counting them here.

But he had no trouble blowing them out.

Or with opening his presents.
Next up was Harley on the 8th of July.

All the fur kids were interested in that cake.

They each got a doggie bone to celebrate. Now you may not celebrate your pets birthdays with cake and ice cream but we have grandkids and they like to celebrate birthdays so we always wait until they are here with us for the "party".

Harley is now 8 years old.
We did manage a trip out to the lake for a few days before the grandkids had to head back to Brownwood. It was 100 degrees every day but there is a nice cool pool so they had fun anyway.