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The Longdogs
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2024-01-27 San Antonio Botanical Garden

 Saturday my granddaughter and I took a trip to the San Antonio Botanical Garden. It was my first time but Morgan had been there for a Christmas lighting trip.

This was the only map we saw of the garden which made it difficult to know where you were. For the price of admission, they should give you a map or at the very least have maps situated throughout the garden as it is quite large and easy to miss out on places you wanted to see.

This is Naoko Shirane, a representative and cultural ambassador from Japan. The statue is in front of the Japanese garden.

Pansies, a hardy flower that can take some winter cold. There is a butterfly on the flower but I just couldn't catch him with wings open.

A typical winter garden with ornamental cabbage and hardy flowers.

There are a couple of houses in the garden representative of hill country homes.

Ducks on the pond.

I almost missed seeing all the turtles. Did you notice them in the last picture?

This majestic hawk was surveying the grounds from a palm tree.

There were several different greenhouses with different climates in them.

Also some other sculptures.

Tropical plants and trees here.

Desert cacti here.

I have never seen or even heard about these very tiny cactus each about the size of a brussel sprout.

These cacti were positively creepy. Good thing the lighting was good or I would have freaked about snakes.

This greenhouse was loaded with orchids.

This felt like a visit to Hawaii.

All in all, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon and do a lot of walking.