The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2019-02-19 Another Birthday Celebration

It was a great birthday celebration. My son Steve and daughter-in-law Helen hosted my birthday party at their house. We had it two days early so my grandchildren Cameron and Morgan could be there.

And they invited some long time friends Bob and Loretta.

They fixed steak for everyone and it was delicious.

In case you were wondering, this is the family birthday hat and plate. You have seen them in previous birthday celebrations.

Helen is always to mug for the camera!

A birthday I definitely will not forget. Thanks Steve and Helen and thanks everyone for coming.

2019-02-14 Lake Braunig Get Together

On my way home from the Texas Ramblin' Roses rally in Goliad, I spent a few days at Braunig Lake RV Resort just south of 410 in San Antonio. I went there because a group of my Pink FlaminGoes friends were in town. We had a busy few days. Some had never been to San Antonio and some hadn't been in a very long time so sightseeing was definitely in order.

First we went to Mission San Jose. There are five missions in San Antonio. Probably the most well known is the Alamo. Now the Alamo is obviously important due to its prominent place in Texas history; however, the other four missions are better examples of actual missions.  All five are National Historic Parks. They are jointly run by the National Park Service and the Catholic Diocese of San Antonio because they are active churches. It is a partnership that works out very well as the Catholic Diocese is responsible for the actual church and the National park Service is responsible for the rest.

This is the church part of the mission.

This is part of enclosure around the mission. I should have mentioned that there is no charge to tour the missions and a park ranger gives regular tours. They are great but keep in mind that you will be standing for some time in different areas while you hear the history.

Artifacts from the mission days.

One of the entrances into the courtyard.

Front of the church.

There are numerous placards with info about the history. The missions were built more to occupy and hold the land than to help the Indians. In fact, the Indians were not treated very well at all.

After the ranger finished his tour, several of us walked outside the wall to check out the mill.

This is the Rose Window in the church.

Another day found us touring the Witte Museum. Just a hint for visitors, entrance is free on Tuesday nights. We were there during the day but we enjoyed it never the less.

The museum has several different diverse areas.

There is a wonderful early Texas section.

Next up they had a demonstration set up for riding a bicycle on a high wire. Of course, Karan was up for the challenge.

There she goes. She to pedal forward going across and then backwards going back.

Then there was the evening we headed down to the Riverwalk for the Lantern Parade. We had dinner on the balcony at Rio Rio Cantina overlooking the Riverwalk.

We never did see the small lanterns you could build and float yourself but we did see all the lanterns on the flatboats.

We also made it too the San Antonio Zoo.

First thing that greets you at the zoo is the bronze stature of the lions.

Pink flamingos for the Pink FlaminGoes visitors. Yeah, they are really more coral than pink.

Last event was a trip to Mi Tierra for dinner. It was Annette's birthday.

Mi Tierra is a very colorful place both with decorations and murals.

After lunch we walked across to the Mercado.

There was lots going on in the open area in front of El Mercado. This singer was really belting them out.

All in all, it was a great few days with friends old and new.