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The Longdogs
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2024-04-09 TRR Rally "The End"

Our rallies often end with a "Hitch Up" breakfast which I personally don't like to plan for because you just have no idea how many to plan for. Some will leave the next morning from early birds to last minute departures and some will stay an extra day. We decided to end this rally with a Dessert Bar which was pretty popular. There was one final group of women providing all the desserts for this event. 

Kathleen made a Chocolate Eclair which was out of this world. We decided that should be her signature dessert for the future. Pat made a cherry pineapple crisp in the crockpot which was also a big hit. Both of these fabulous desserts were made onsite in their RV. Yes, you can eat well while camping.

The "Tip" jar covered all the host expenses and more. The hosts donated $140 back to the chapter.

All great things must come to an end so you can prepare for the next adventure. We had a little over 40 attendees from across the state including a couple of members from Louisiana. Some were heading home while others were off across the country. I'm already looking forward for the next adventure later this month.


2024-04-08 TRR Eclipse Rally- The big day

The big day is finally here. It started with breakfast tacos ala Rita. She has a few tricks up her sleeve to fix tacos for 40+ women. I wondered how she was going to transport so many dozens of eggs.... eggs already cracked in a carton. And did you know that you can get hashbrowns dried in a carton. You add hot water to reconstitute and then cook in a pan. That's an item I am adding to my RV pantry. Bacon pieces in a bag from HEB or Costco. That one I did know and use often. 

Kathleen manned the frying pan to cook the eggs. Each batch was transferred to a slow cooker.

 Everything was set up on the counter so you could fix your own tacos.

Not many could pass up such a fabulous breakfast so we had quite a crowd.

The dogs got in a walk between breakfast clean up and eclipse viewing.

Will the clouds stay away while the eclipse is on? It was a concern.

Mary and Carolyn set up station to take pictures throughout the eclipse. They bought a clock to show the time. I don't have all the pictures but you get the idea.

The Samba players set up to view.

You can see how the darkness came on with these consecutive pictures of Jimmie.

It did get dark, Clouds came and went. Just a few random shots of the eclipse.

It was an event to remember. 

2024-04-07 TRR Rally Day 4

 Coffee was served every morning at the pavilion for whoever wanted it but Sunday we moved it back up to the rally room because Elaine was making cinnamon rolls. She has made them in a crockpot for a smaller group but we had about 40 women at the rally.

She made two big pans and they were very popular.

The ladderball tournament organized by Hilde was in full swing.

She had quite a few teams lined up and there were playoffs for both winning teams and losing teams.

Elaine and I were invited to join Carolyn and Mary for Mary's chili. It was very good.

More games!

2024-04-06 TRR Rally Day 3

 The morning of Day 3 of the rally started with breakfast.

Elaine made sausage gravy while I baked biscuits in the convection oven in my RV.

It was a beautiful day to eat outside at the picnic table.

This was the view out my front door. I pulled my RV into my site rather than backing in just so I could have this great view. I had to run the electric around to the other side but I had enough cord. The water and sewer hook-ups were on that side already which would have been an issue if I had backed in.

Marla, Lollipop, and Junior got plenty of walks this trip.

Next up was a trip to the Farmers Market at the courthouse.

The next event on the agenda was a Chicken Spaghetti dinner prepared and cooked by Elaine. My part was to do the garlic toast.

Once again sides and desserts were prepared by a small group of women. It worked really well to break all the attendees into groups to provide either sides or desserts for one meal. Everyone liked the idea and there was more than enough food but not too much.

The chicken spaghetti was a big hit. Elaine is very good a figuring out  just how much food will be needed.

The kitchen at the park has two stoves, two microwaves, and one fridge plus lots of counter space for prep and serving.

Both the rally room and the pavilion were popular places to place games. Samba was in play at one table and rumikub at the other.

2024-04-05 TRR Rally - Day 2

 Friday night was grill night. Everyone brought whatever type of meat they wanted to cook. Sides and desserts were furnished by a small group of women. We worked it out in advance to that everyone was assigned either a vegetable or a dessert for a specific event. Teri and Elaine got two grills ready.

Elaine and Teri added garlic and onions to the mix.

Lots of relaxing while the food cooked on the grills.

We had plenty of sides and desserts.

Some games were in progress after dinner.

There was also music.

Hilde organized a ladder ball tournament.

There was a game on  television and one of our full time members has satellite and an outdoor TV.

Rita and Olivia are talented musicians and even have folders with music and words to hand out to the audience.

We rigged up lighting in the pavillion but Olivia comes prepared with a headlight.

Good food, good friends, it was a fun evening.