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The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2024-03-21 Potter's Creek COE Park Canyon Lake TX

We didn't have far to go so we didn't leave Galveston State Park until checkout time of noon. Our next stop was at 60 North RV Park in Bay City TX. I stayed here on my way to the Galveston State Park rally one week ago. I made reservations for Elaine and me before I left the first stay. Let me tell you a little about this park. It's a nice park. Seems to be a lot of long term but the sites were all very tidy. As another reviewer stated "the only messy area in the park is the office area." They have pull throughs and back in sites which are level, paved, and angled nicely for back in. They have a tiny playground area and a dog park. Here's the negative. The park manager never seems to be available and the office is closed. He's off taking kids to school, shopping, or other personal business. You have to call and leave a message and he calls you back. They don't leave packages with site numbers outside the office nor does the manager give you a site number when you call. On my first visit, I got a site number and he said I would have to pay cash as the computer was down. Of course, he was not there when I arrived. I figured he would stop by my site when he got back to the park. Nope. I went to the office the next morning to pay before leaving. Of course, he was not there again. I called the office number and got no answer. A few minutes later, I got a call back from a woman. She said she could definitely let me pay by credit card over the phone. I told her that I would be back in exactly a week and I needed two pull-through sites for one night. No problem, I would pay when I arrived. Well, we arrived. On site manager no where around. No info about where my sites were. I called the number and got a different woman. I told her I had a reservation for two pull through sites for one night. She said just drive around and take two pull-throughs. There were no pull throughs. I called back. She said she would check with the owner who made the reservation and call me back. In the meantime, the park manager returns my call and says there are no pull-throughs available and he wishes the park owner wouldn't take reservations without checking with him. The other woman calls back and apologizes and says to take any sites available. The next morning, no park manager again so I called and paid over the phone to the woman. This is no way to run a business. 

We headed cross country to Potter's Creek which is a Corps of Engineers (COE) park on Canyon Lake northwest of San Antonio. We routed through the countryside and didn't go into San Antonio at all. I made sure to time arrival no earlier than 3PM as they absolutely will not let you check in early.

We had two nice spots for Saturday night but had to move to 2 different sites on Sunday as the first sites were only available one night. Moving is not a big deal for me but a little harder for Elaine as she has a trailer. All 4 sites were nice. It's a nice park but the lake is really down.

I had a visitor. He was very busy jumping from the top of the mirror to the bottom of the window.

We had some rain while there but not enough to help fill the lake.

Not all the sites were in use. 

It's a nice park. They have both shaded and not shaded sites in 4 loops. We walked around our loup, Checked out a couple other areas. It was a nice visit.

2024-03-20 Wimberly TX

 We did a lot of relaxing while we were at Potter's Creek. We made another day trip to Wimberly TX. It's a nice drive across RR 32 and the Devil's Backbone not to be confused with the road from Bandera to Kerrville. Wimberly is famous for it's painted cowboy boots but that is for another story.

The bluebonnets were splendid here too.

We drove out to the Blue Hole Regional Park which is just a just drive from downtown Wimberly in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The Blue Hole is a natural swimming area fed by the crystal-clear waters of Cypress Creek. Lush grass and trees surround the area and create a serene inviting atmosphere. 

The park has picnic areas, some very natural and unique. It also has many sporting functions in another area.

I love to RV in dark sky parks and areas where lights are off limits at night. Not only is this important to those who like to look at the stars, it is also very important to migrating birds.

This park is very concerned about managing and protecting the environment. The park is free but there are charges for swimming during the season and the amount of swimmers is monitored.

A very unique gate, metal not wood.

Bluebonnets were very abundant here too.

Home again until I head to Junction TX for the Eclipse Rally.

2024-03-18 A Breath of Jasmine School Play Competition

Monday evening, Elaine and I drove into town to see my granddaughter Morgan performing in a play called "A Scent of Jasmine" for Steele High School. She wasn't originally too happy about being cast as an older southern woman but she nailed the part.

If I hadn't been able to see her, I would not have recognized Morgan speaking as she had the character and voice down perfect.

Morgan's play won the district competition and and she received an award for best actress. We are very proud of her.

Morgan and her very proud Dad.


2024-03-18 Willow City Loop Wildflowers

We headed up the road to the Willow City Loop which is located north of Fredricksburg on Hwy 16. The loop goes through private ranchland and you are requested not to get out. I feel for those that live along here when bluebonnets are at their peak because everyone is driving very slowly so they can get pictures. It was early in the season but it was the time available for us. We were not disappointed. These pictures pretty much speak for themselves. 

On the way to the loop!

On the loop.

Very unusual white bluebonnets. I have never seen them before.

Livestock are loose and cattle guards are common to keep cattle within the ranchers property.

Not kidding about loose cattle.

 We had a wonderful trip through the bluebonnets. This is going to be a very good year!