The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

The Lost has been Found

Today Willy and I headed over to the RV storage lot with some of my RV Christmas presents.  We took a little lunch and a book with us too as Pholly is getting very lonely waiting to head out on the road.  The sun was shining and Willy was really excited about a trip out in the car and he got even more excited when he saw the RV.

As we pulled up, I noticed that one of the tire covers was missing.  It was extremely windy here yesterday morning as you know from my last post.  I set the basket of items inside the RV and Willy and I walked all around the storage area looking for the tire cover.  No luck....darn, that means I have to get a new pair as they don't come in singles.

We ate our lunch, hung a picture, and put the new items away.  Then Willy decided we should really stretch out on the bed, cover up with a blanket, and read the book (or, in his case, nap).  It was very relaxing with the sun shining in.  My son called and we had a nice chat too.

As I was getting ready to head out the gate, I decided to stop at the office just to see if by any chance someone might have found the tire cover and turned it in.  Woohoo, they had my tire cover!  Talk about a stroke of luck and a great way to end my little afternoon trip.  Hope you had a great day too.

A Wild and Windy Day

Yesterday, it was a beautiful, sunny 83 degree day.  Got to love "winter" here in south, central Texas.  I was sitting on the patio reading Highways magazine and wishing I was somewhere sitting outside the RV.  Harley was busy enticing me to throw the ball for him.  He is obsessed with round ball-like objects.  Forget the stick, those are for chewing.  Gretchen and Willy were wandering around the yard. All was good.  About 6:30PM, the wind picked up a bit as the cold front started to move in.  Within an hour, the temperature had dropped 10 degrees, then 15 degrees.

At 8:30 this morning, the temperature was 51 degrees and wind chime ringing windy.  Since it had been predicted to go down to 34 degrees, we were once again glad the weathermen had it wrong.  The dachsies decided to take a nap and wait for it to warm up again.

At noon, it was 60 degrees.  I'm guessing we will hit 64 degrees if the wind keeps coming and going.  Still not bad for a "winter" day.  Actually, it is close to the norms for this time of year.  But then, we are not living in a land of norms.  And we much prefer the 75 to 85 degree weather with lots of sun.

Tomorrow the temps will be on the rise again.  We don't miss the northern cold and snow.  I'm not sure it even looks good in a picture anymore.  lol

I guess all is good with the world in San Antonio TX.

A Big Day for Birthdays

After our trip to the Zoo, it was time for dinner and then cake.  Morgan wanted pizza so she got pizza.  The standby for cakes at our house is chocolate with chocolate frosting, DH's favorite and pretty much everyone else's favorite too.  Morgan, however, saw a strawberry cake and that is what she wanted.  We had a combined "Morgan and Steve" cake since Steve's birthday was only two days later and he said he didn't care if the cake was strawberry so I got cream cheese frosting.  The cake says "Morgan" then "Happy Birthday" and then "Steve" on the bottom.

Morgan got 7 candles at the top and Steve got a "4 decades" candle plus two 1 year candles.  lol.

And then the presents began.  Morgan likes clothes so I opted for them since she has lots of new toys from Christmas.

She was so excited about this motion detector cow.....

 ......and this cow rug that she got from her Dad and Helen.  She used it to watch a movie and later wanted it in her bed.

She also raved about this Lalaloopsie doll with booboos and bandaids.

The only downside was that she and Cameron had a small piece of the strawberry cake each and the rest of us got stuck cleaning up the rest of the cake.  Next time she may get a strawberry cupcake and we will have chocolate cake.   Ah, two more birthdays are history this year.......

San Antonio Zoo

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day.  Since it was Morgan's birthday, she was given the choice of what she wanted to do.  She chose the Zoo!  We packed up a lunch and headed out to spend the day.

It was such a great day that the Zoo was filled with visitors creating a bit of a problem in finding a parking place.  Some of the parking was also taken up by picnic aficionados as well as those attending some soccer games but we persevered and found a place.  It is a large Zoo so once inside it was fine.

It is always a good idea to check out the layout of the place you are visiting.  Since we have been here before, we know that the kids like the big animals the best so we kept that in mind.

Here are a couple of photos for my Pink FlaminGoes friends.  The San Antonio Zoo has lots of flamingoes.

Don't you wonder how they can stand there on one foot?

We saw lots of animals but I didn't get pictures of them all.  This little bear called a "honey bear" was interesting.  His tongue was about a foot long!

The kids enjoyed feeding the fish and the ducks were right in there pushing to get their share.

Everyone here is checking out their "wingspan" against that of the condor.

This Zoo has some special features like a camping playground and a wading river with sandy beach for the kids.  We passed on the water although there were kids splashing around in it.

Here is fishing of a different sort in the kids activity center.  Instead of a hook, these poles and fish use magnets.

Now these fish were in the hippo house.  Looks a bit crowded especially when you consider that there were also two hippos in the tank.

The alligators were out sunning themselves on such a beautiful day.

The zebras were interesting but check out that bird.  I don't know what it is but it was least three feet tall and it just stood there looking around.

I think these may have been wallabies instead of kangaroos because they were smaller.

We had our picnic but when it came time for a snack later on, the younger members of the family all indulged in cherry icies.

One last adventure before leaving the Zoo, a climb on one of the statues made for that purpose.

I always think it is nice that the Zoo has plenty of places where you can sit down and eat your lunch whether you buy it there or bring it along.  Just remember that coolers aren't allowed. Or you can have your lunch somewhere else in Breckenridge park.   We always enjoy visiting the Zoo.

Comics, Toys, and Collectibles Show

Saturday, we headed off to the Live Oak Civic Center to take in the Comics, Toys, and Collectibles Show.  Of course, we had an ulterior motive since "Grandpa" is an events coordinator at the Civic Center.  As you can see, "some" of the people who attend these kind of shows take them very seriously to the point of dressing up for them.  I snapped this photo of my crew at just the right moment to avoid being obvious.  You would be amazed at some of the costumes and those wearing them.

We had the usual "looking and not touching" discussion in advance and kids were very good.

They were quick to point out everything they were familiar with from TV and the Internet.

They each carried off several prizes.  Not everything was expensive so finding a few fun things was easy.

Mellow Johnny's

My oldest son Steve arrived on Wednesday night.  That means we have the grandkids this weekend so fun times ahead.  Thursday, Steve wanted to drive up to Austin to Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop.  With Lance Armstrong's confession last week, there is no telling how his bike shop will fare in the future.

Regardless of how you feel about Lance Armstrong (and we aren't here to discuss that please), he has done some amazing things in bicycling and to help those with cancer.

At the shop, you will see some items on display from various cyclists.

This is a bicycle elevator.  In the basement of the shop, they have a bicycle fitting area as well as a training room.

Cyclists are very serious about their sport whether they are professional or not.  You will see cyclists everywhere in Austin.  Even San Antonio is jumping on the bandwagon.  You can rent bicycles downtown.

This is a poster in Mellow Johnny's which speaks to all cyclists.

On our way to Austin, we stopped at Cowboy Harley Davidson.  On the way home, we stopped at Cabela's in Buda.  Since we visited both places recently, I didn't add any pictures.

Better Days Ahead

I am really behind on posting to the blog.  The day after our RVing ladies lunch, I got a phone call telling me our youngest son was in a motorcycle accident.  Just so you know, he is going to be okay.  He was wearing a good helmet and leather riding gear which saved him from a lot more harm.  Even with a good helmet, any fall requires recovery time.  It was a very rough week for our family in many ways.  The most important thing is that he is going to be fine.

Lunch with RVing Ladies

We had a great lunch get-to-together at Cheddars.  Although there were only 5 of us, we all got a chance to meet some new friends.
(l to r - Susan (What's Up with Susan and Company), Peri (Tales from the Camping House), Colleen, Margareta, and Susan (Travel Bug).  We had about 6 other ladies who couldn't make it due to other plans, illness, or weather but we hope to see them next time we get together.  We warmed the seats at Cheddars for several hours, long enough that we decided to call the waitress back to get some dessert.

Running Away from the Rain

Dark, dreary, chilly, rain with muddy footprints across the carpet.  Oh, no.  I can't stand it any more.  Saturday seemed like it might last forever and it wasn't even noon.

What's this?  A friend is coming by to take us away.  I'm ready, let's go.  He whizzes in like a bright yellow bird and swoops us away to sunnier skies.  Is this the Hill Country?  Everyone wanted to go along but it was a very small plane.

We landed near a small stream with thoughts of catching a fish or two for dinner but we didn't have a cooler to keep them in so we headed out.

Some of the local wildlife wanted to carry on a lengthy conversation but we needed to move along while the sun was still shining.

Grizzlies in the Hill Country???  You just never know what you are going to see next.

I knew I was cold this morning but we must have landed at the far north edge of the Hill Country up around Brownwood.  I sure hope this weather doesn't head further south.

Some of the wildlife didn't seem very friendly but they were more intent on the other wildlife than on us.

I don't know if there is a robbery going on here or what but it looks like there is a lookout and someone who has his nose where it doesn't belong.

All in all, it was an exciting trip and it sure beat sitting at home in the dreary rain.  We were ready to hop back on the plane but the fuel was low.

So we had to find another mode of transportation to get us home.

 Okay, okay, so you aren't buying a trip around the Hill Country by plane and traveling home by covered wagon???

It's true, we did head north in the dreary rain.  The sky got brighter as soon as we headed out.  We were in the car, not a bright yellow plane.  We saw all the wildlife at Cabela's in Buda.  They have some amazing displays.  We also went on to Cowboy's Harley Davidson in Austin, well, on the very south edge of Austin.  The photo is of their advertising sign.

It was a fun trip anyway.

2012 with the Traveling Longdogs

Willy, Gretchen, and Harley decided that if I wasn't going to do a year in review, they would do it for me.

Move over you two, there is always room for one more!

Is it time to play ball now?  What do you mean later?

What do you mean you have other dog friends Birdie!

I saw her first, she's my Birdie.

I love you Steve.  I think Harley was the one that did it.

Come on Morgan.  Get with the program.

Move over Harley, you can't hog the whole bed.  I get to sleep with the kids too.  You boys can have the kids.  I'm sleeping with Steve on the couch.

Feet, Morgan, feet.  How is a girl to sleep?

Wake me up when we get there.  I'm just resting my eyes.

How did I end up down here?  Watch the feet Morgan.

Is she serious about this?

Let me tell you what those boys are up to Cameron.  They are going to be in big trouble.

You guys are going to be in such big trouble!

I'm telling Mom.  You better get over here right now.

Give it a rest Gretchen.

Willy, Gretchen is such a tattle tale.

Keep quiet Harley.  I'm watching that cat.

Oh, Willy, you are so handsome.

I said I'm busy right now Gretchen.

We're ready, can't we leave now?

Nothing like watching a movie with friends.

I just love going on a walk.

I found one over here Steve.  How come the kids aren't helping?

Oh boy, "On the road again, I just love to be on the road again!"

No thanks, I don't need my crate.  I'm very comfortable right here.  Go away!

Are you sure the RV is still back there Mom?

Of course it's back there Harley.  Can we have a rest stop now?

Oh my goodness, that car came way too close.

Really, you brought a monkey with you?  Really????  Three dachshunds weren't enough for you?

Mom, this monkey is in my chair, I mean your chair.  Make him move.

A little privacy pleeese.  We are trying to nap.

We could use a blankie here.

Where is that blankie?

Hi Birdie.  We love you too.

I think that is about it for us.  It was a great year.  We need more RV trips though.


P.S.  Willy here.  That is not a picture of me!  I do not carry my own bags!  How embarrassing for him.  My Mom would not make me do that plus I am a lot better looking.  Happy New Year.