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The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

Helen's Birthday Bash

We are very lucky to have a great daughter-in-law so we are celebrating her not just her birthday. This year, she, my son Steve, and our grandkids were in Canada for her birthday. They went to Calgary where we have relatives and made a big trip out of traveling there and back as well as while they were there. So.....we waited to have her birthday until after they got back. This is the family birthday hat.....Helen found it so everyone wears it on their big day. It looks like a birthday cake with candles and frosting. We ordered Chinese dinners for everyone but I didn't get a picture of that.  Too bad because it was great.

Singing occurred right after Steve brought in her cake.

There is a tall skinny candle you can't really see. The cake had strawberries on the top of it so the bake shop put the birthday greetings on a ribbon across the top of the cake.

And then there were presents.

Helen likes really small clutch type purses but I found one that will also hold her phone.

Happy birthday Helen!

Anniversary in Fredricksburg TX

Yesterday was our anniversary. Neither one of us could think of anything we really needed or wanted so we decided it would be nice to just spend the day together. Now we do spend time together but this was going to be fun time together. So we decided to go to Fredricksburg. It's been quite a while since we have been there.

We enjoy walking around and looking in some of the shops.

The buildings don't change but sometimes the shops. We are both good lookers. Well, at least I am. Dave has ended up with a number of hats from Fredicksburg.

We stopped by Clear River for coffee and found these unique seats nearby. You never know what you will see as you walk around. We enjoy sitting on a bench and people watching. Again, you never know what you will see.

Fredricksburg is unique.

From artisons…….

To a store called Dogologie that carries everything you can think of for your dog.

If you have time, you can take in the Nimitz Museum but you need a whole day for that.

We had a really great day and probably walked a couple of miles. We were worn out by 4:00 and it was too early to eat so we headed home through the backroads. Still too early when we went through Johnson City and Blanco. By the time we were on highway 46, Dave started wondering about a restaurant but by then there were none between us and home. We decided to take a turn to the left and head to New Braunfels to try out Montana Mike's Steakhouse. It was definitely a good choice and a great end to a great day.

Roses at the Bandera Rally

It's always fun heading out to a least when the packing is done. And then picking up some last minute groceries and meeting up to head out.  My friend Mary Jane and I caravanned up to Bandera TX on Wednesday and got settled into our spots at Skyline Ranch RV Park.

The rally actually didn't start on Wednesday but some of us just like to get there early and stay as long as we can. Plus, we planned an evening at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. On Wednesdays,, they fire up huge round grills filled with charcoal. You bring whatever kind of meet you want to grill and buy a side setup (baked potato, salad, roll) from them. It's a very popular event with winter Texans and RV groups. In addition to pickups, cars, and motorcycles, it is not at all unusual to see horses tied to the rails out front.

 We had quite a group of women having all kinds of fun there.

They had a great band. It's all outside so it got more crowded as it got a little cooler.

Thursday, we headed over to Camp Verde General Store for lunch.

Originally established in 1857, The store was first established  to offer goods and services to the soldiers stationed at Fort Verde which was a mile to the west. By the time the US Army closed the fort, the store and post office was a vital part of the community of pioneer ranchers in the area.

The great camel experiment began in 1854 when Secretary of War Jefferson Davis petitioned Congress for $30,000 to obtain camels for the Army for supply transport. 20 camels and 4 drivers were secured from Egypt. They arrived in late August 1856 with 40 more arriving the following spring. The fort was captured by the Confederacy in 1861 and recaptured by the Union in 1865. By then there were over 100 camels. The fort was deactivated in 1869 ending the great experiment and word is the camels were turned loose.

All I can say is that the Monte Cristo sandwich and homemade chips Mary Jane and I shared was huge and delicious. Brenda has the Pecan Cobbler...….scrumptious.

I can also vouch for the Peach Cobbler Mary Jane and I shared.  Sharing is good! Notice the chocolate camel d├ęcor on the desserts?

Sometimes a power failure at your site will make you move.....not a big deal when you have Roses to help you.

Saturday was a time of kayaking for some of the group. 

There was even a bunch of cowgirls during this rally.

Olivia is an intrepid fisherwoman.

About four rigs were christened by our president and the rest of the Roses.

We took time for the group photo. and after a fantastic potluck with tacos provided by the hosts and tons of sides by everyone else, we played a rousing game of Cowgirl Jeopardy. pictures of this fun event.

A few of the women left Sunday morning after a Hitchup breakfast but most of us just went and sat in the river. No better way to cool off on a hot Texas Spring day.

This really was a fantastic rally!