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Wildflower Extravaganza

At the same time that the Coronavirus is stealing all the headlines and occupying everyone's thoughts 24/7, we sometimes forget other things going on around us. This was also a banner year for blue bonnets and other wildflowers in central Texas and the Hill Country. 2010 was the last really huge extravaganza of flowers even though we do have wildflowers every year. I never did get to make the drive up to the Willow Tree Loop near Fredericksburg due to the Stay at Home guidance for all of us over 65 with other health issues but I did take a few drives close to home that didn't require me to stop anywhere. One of the properties out along 3009 between Schertz and Highway 46 had a really spectacular show this year. I don't remember seeing it like this before.

I love the blue bonnets the most but the Indian paintbrushes and other yellow and orange flowers are beautiful too.

A couple of these were taken by my daughter-in-law Helen from the motorcycle out on the Willow Tree loop. There were no crowds there as they went during the week.

Indian Paintbrushes usually come out after the bluebonnets are blooming but they stole the show in this yard.

These were taken along 306 heading towards Canyon Lake.

There were a few other people pulled off in this rest area along 306 but we all kept our distance and just enjoyed the show.

A young couple plopped their baby down in the midst of the bluebonnets to take some photos that I'm sure will be treasured. I just hoped that there were no rattlers anywhere near where they were crouched down along with the grandparents.

I think this is one of Helen's photos along the Willow Tree Loop.

Along with all the stress we have all had in March and April, we need to remember that this will pass and not everything in March and April was negative.

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