The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

2022-04-25 Trip to Brownwood TX

 No posts for a while with not much going on. We did have a sick dog on our hands. At first we thought that he was eating too many bugs outside which really messed up his digestive track. He was having problems with both ends which we were treating with pumpkin and peptobismal. All of a sudden I thought about infection and his teeth. I called the vet (this was Wednesday) and initially they couldn't get us in for a week but, miraculously, while I was on the phone, someone cancelled an appointment in half an hour. We were on our way. Harley has never let anyone touch his mouth since he got him at 9 months old. A retired vet was filling in at the office because they were shorthanded and very busy. She was great. Harley wouldn't let her get much of a look but she honed right in on the problem. Infected teeth. Before anyone thinks we don't take care of dental, you have to know that Harley has a very tiny liver so anesthetic is a risky procedure. We were faced with that difficult decision again. The vet had a bunch of blood tests done immediately and said his blood levels were very good considering his liver issues. He has been on special food and liver supplements since he was 9 and he is now almost 14 so it has helped. Next she sent the vet tech to check on the surgery room to see if it would be free any time soon. They were just about done with the scheduled teeth cleaning. Harley ate first thing in the morning so we were okay there. The vet said that she recommended extraction of his remaining teeth so he would never have to go through anesthesia again. He came through it all like a champ and was able to come home just before dinner on pain pills for a week and antibiotics for 3 weeks.

Friday, I was supposed to go to Brownwood TX where my granddaughter was having a Drill Team Show and my grandson was going in to be in his last band concert. My Son and DIL and their dog drove their car so I didn't take my car. Harley knew I was going in the RV and would have been real upset at not being able to go. We decided that he was doing well and could sleep in the RV just as well as at home so he got to go.

The Drill Team show was on Friday night. It was a great show. Morgan on the right.

Then on the left.

In front...

All the teams at Brownwood seem to sponsor a connection with younger kids and they participated in the last number.

After the show was over, we planned to boondock at Walmart because I couldn't get an RV spot anywhere in town for that night. Instead, we just decided to stay right there in the school parking lot. It worked out just fine although the parking lot was really well lighted. Steve's dog Angus slept very well.

The next morning, we moved to the Riverside Park which belongs to the city. It has full hookups and is located right on the river. There are no grills or tables at the sites which makes some sense as the rest of the city park is right next store and the RV spots might be a big temptation for day users if they had picnic tables.

Being next to the rest of the park made it easy to take dog walks. Harley just did short walks but otherwise he was doing fine and back to chowing down on his much watered down dog food. Vet said to keep him on his regular food and just soften it with water.

That's us in our site.

The city park has lots of amenities like disc golf.

A bridge to nowhere....

And plenty of trees for shade.

The RV park area has a nice patio right over the river with tables and chair.

There are family style bathrooms and a laundry room as well.....all in all, a nice place to stay.

They moved Cameron's band concert from Sunday to Monday at the last minute. We felt really bad but we just couldn't stay longer to attend. However, he plays on a city soccer team now that high school soccer is over so we showed up at his game on Sunday. He was really surprised to see us. He's the youngest player on the team but very experienced since he has been playing soccer since he was 5.

All in all, it was a great weekend. We were very sorry to miss the concert. We got to spend a little more time with Cameron since he has a truck and can get out and about.. It wasn't Steve's weekend with the kids so Morgan wasn't allowed to spend any extra time with us. Unfortunate but true.

2022-04-11 Junction TRR Rally

 From Fredricksburg, I had a windy drive to Junction and the Tree Cabins RV Resort for a Texas Ramblin' Roses Rally.  The office was not manned but Olivia, one of the hostesses, had a list of the RV sites we were assigned to so I pulled in and hooked up.

I was lucky enough to get a site with a tree. It was a buddy site so I just hoped that the other site was occupied by one of our group members. No problem with that as we had every site in the park plus one of the cabins.

The park is right on the river so our women that love to fish were right there. We actually scheduled a rally here because last year we were at South Llano State Park and some of our members ended up in town at this park because the state park was all booked.  Booked but 4 or 5 sites sat empty all weekend which has been a huge problem with RVers reserving and then not showing up. Anyway, the river access is far better here than it is at the state park.

The park has a very nice rally room. It's up at the top of the hill which is a drawback but there is a parking lot so it's all workable.

We had our potluck here, played games, had a Skymed presentation complete with wine and cheese, and we also had a really neat craft presentation from Lisa Ward. The craft involved wildflowers, a hammer, and paper to make a picture.

You place the flower on the heavy paper, cover it with thin baking paper, and pound the heck out of it.

And you end up with a very nice picture like this one.

Or, you can also use a T-shirt and end up with a great piece of wearing apparel like this.

We also did our normal rig christening tour for new members or members with new to them rigs.

As you can see, our ladies drive or pull all kinds of RVs.

Some rigs are quite unique like this one. Looks and drives like a car but.....

has everything you would find in a very small RV.

Space is expanded with this nice little screen room.

Inside has everything you would need including a microwave and A/C.

You will see every size rig from small to large.

These ladies are full-timers and want for nothing in their shared home.

The park had no bluebonnets or wildflowers this year but there was wildlife.

A nice shady spot to enjoy the riverr.

And fish!

It was a great rally and we have already booked the park for next year.

2022-04-10 Fredericksburg Bluebonnets???

As you can tell from lack of posts, not much has been going on since my hip surgery in February. That progressed okay but kept me from any time on the road. Finally, I was off to a rally but I left home early so I could check out the bluebonnets this year.

I headed up to Fredricksburg since it was on my way to the rally. I checked in to the Oakwood RV Resort. Parking was challenging because, while they have pull-throughs, they are extremely narrow with a concrete island in between. The first site had the neighbor's slideout opened over the picnic table in my site. The second site they gave me was a bit of an awkward angle and I didn't ace it. Right away a guy in the next row came out just insisting that I just needed to back up a few feet and pull in again. I explained nicely that I was pulling a toad and could not back up. After the third time he insisted I should just back up I are in that fifth wheel right? Well, I don't think you want to pay for my tow bar so I won't be backing up. Luckily, I had just enough fractions of an inch to go slowly forward without scraping my tire. I really wanted a back-in site but they only had 30 amp and would not let me use a dogbone to come down from 50 amp. 

Next I was off to tour the Willow City Loop, one of my favorite drives. unfortunately, it was almost totally devoid of bluebonnets or any wildflowers. I should have mentioned that Fredericksburg had flashing signs on the roads leading in to town about severe fire danger. It was beyond dry there.

Next stop, Wildflower Farms.

While their normal flower fields were pretty barren, they did have one field that was obviously planted and watered well where you could see bluebonnets.

Otherwise things were pretty barren.

A few brave flowers poked up around the fence posts.

And in a little flower bed.....

Otherwise, bluebonnets were limited to decorations.

It was pretty hot so Harley napped in the RV with the generator running while I toured but he did get out to sniff a few flowers before we left.

 Hopefully the Texas Hill Country will get some good rains soon to help with the drought and next year will be a better year for bluebonnets.