The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Harley takes his role as navigator seriously!

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Sunday at a rally usually means a "hitch-up" breakfast. but, at this rally, it meant a full on breakfast provided by the park. You can't beat eggs, sausage, pancakes, coffee, and orange juice.

JR and Diane, the manager, are busy serving up the pancakes and sausage. We all really enjoyed it.

Some of the group headed home, some went fishing...…

And some did a little sightseeing in downtown Rockport...…

And down by the waterfront.

All in all, I think everyone enjoyed the rally and no one melted because of the heat. I spent Monday relaxing before heading back home on Tuesday.

Saturday Surprises

Saturday was a busy day at the rally. We started by having christening ceremonies for a number of new or new to us RVs.  Think ship christening but we don't use a bottle. It gives members a chance to show off their RVs and tell us about them as well as providing best wishes and blessings for future travels. There were a number of presentations during the day on how to care for your RV and how to operate various systems.  We watched great videos on towing and toads as well as driving a Class A and even the best way to set up your mirrors for maximum visibility.

Later in the day, we all posed for our group photo.

Some members were busy working on travel plans for an upcoming rolling rally.

We welcomed three new members into the chapter.

After announcements, we all headed to the kitchen for pizza and salad. We usually have a potluck on Saturday nights but, as part of the beat the heat, we made big bowls of garden style salad and ordered pizza. We also had a big pail of ice cream but some of the members surprised us by bringing fruit and desserts to share. By this time our numbers swelled to 37 including 3 guests and three new members. Several including one of the hosts stayed in motels and several drove in for one or more days.

Next up was entertainment. One of the park workcampers has a whole karaoke set-up and she offered to set it up for our group. Several of the park staff showed up for support to get the singing going but this group isn't shy.

Fun was had by all
Friday had 21 RVs of various sizes and types set up in the park for a total of about 26.

Some of the group went fishing.
Others attended the first of several training videos. Air conditioned rigs plus air conditioned rally hall plus pool pretty much takes care of the "It's too hot complaint".

Friday night found us heading across town to Paradise Key Dockside Bar and Grill for dinner.

Even with a reservation, there was a bit of a wait which is to be expected for a party of 28.

 It is a very large restaurant with inside and outside seating.

And a great view out the windows.

 Choices were difficult as there were so many good things to choose from.

The original plan was to come back to the park and watch the movies "RV" but the evening at Paradise ran pretty long so we settled with just visiting in the rally room.

Gearing Up for the TRR Rally

Wednesday passed by in a blur but those who arrived early went to Moon Dog for dinner, right on the bay in Fulton. We sat under a roof but with walls wide bugs so it was really nice.

Thursday morning after the line dancing class sponsored by the park, I checked out the rally room and found this wonderful surprise from the park. Check out the dolphin bananas. The crate was full of bananas, apples, oranges, crackers, candy, etc.

By Thursday night, we had quite a crowd...….a crowd that loves seafood and here we are in Rockport. We all loaded up and drove to Old Fulton Seafood Café. The restaurant is very unpretentious from the outside as it is located in a strip mall but it is nice inside and the food is great. It used to be on the bay in Fulton but the building was lost in the last hurricane.

We had a good sized group......more than I told the restaurant since some ladies went directly to the restaurant instead of meeting up at the park. The staff handled it all quickly and we all had our food in a short time.

Invite and They Will Come

Wednesday morning found us headed toward Rockport Texas to the Wilderness Oaks RV Resort. Maybe I need to go back just a little further. One of the goals for the Texas Ramblin' Roses, the Texas Chapter of RVing Women, is to have a rally for our members every month. At the end of June, we still didn't have a rally scheduled for July, August, or September. I heard lots of "it's too hot for a rally". Hey, we live in Texas and we are tough. I got on the phone with Diane at Wilderness Oaks RV Resort and asked if she had room for a rally in July, August, or September.....August and September were best for her so I said I would host a rally in August. She put 30 sites on hold for us and we were set.

This is not the first rally I have hosted at Wilderness Oaks but the other two were for a small group. How can you help but feel welcome when you pull in and see this sign right out front. The rally was scheduled for Friday through Sunday but I headed down on Wednesday to take advantage of a little R&R in advance.

I checked in at the office and got settled into my site without a problem. I had already told everyone that unless they had a monster rig, they did not need a pull-through. The workcampers at this park can make anyone look like a pro even if they have never backed an RV before. They have a real talent for giving just the right directions to slip you into the sites. My friend Mary Jane always wants a pull-through but she was thrilled with how easy it was to back in with the directions from the guys.

You might have thought we would be the only ones at the park two days early but no. There were several others that arrived on Wednesday. We got a great rally rate and everyone wanted to take advantage of it. Just some of the cute décor at the park.

They have a great salt water swimming pool that leaves your skin feeling great. It was warm as a bathtub from the sun and felt absolutely great.

There is also a small jacuzzi, an exercise room, great family style bathrooms, a laundry, dog park, etc.

The Clubhouse or rally room for us has a great kitchen and a huge room. It was ours for the duration right after the line dancing class on Thursday morning.
So now on to the rally!